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Keeping Your Healthcare Facility Maintenance Healthy

Healtchare Facility Maintenance

In many ways, healthcare facilities are like living, breathing bodies; be it small medical clinics or multi-specialty hospitals, they are dependent on a variety of equipment and information functioning properly. As both equipment and systems deteriorate, so does the health of your facility. Liable equipment or inefficient processes can slowly deteriorate your hospital’s general health and service, leading to increased risk to patients and staff, slow and grueling processes to accomplish simple tasks, and overall losses across the board. That’s why healthcare facility maintenance is crucial.

Just as healthcare technology moves forward to find new and better ways to care for patients, so must the maintenance of healthcare facilities. The planning, scheduling, and use of spaces and equipment can also participate in helping both patients and staff make use of enhanced and safer hospital environments. These are all reasons why many institutions have begun employing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to keep track of and fully utilize their infrastructure and equipment.

Staying Compliant and Up to Standard

Because healthcare facilities oversee the maintenance of one of our most precious resources (our health), they are aggressively evaluated when the time comes for performance audits. Any clinic, hospital, or even rehab center needs to abide by the government’s most stringent regulations and ensure high standards in performance, equipment, and services.

A healthcare CMMS is helpful in the collection of all the data and information that’s essential to an accurate and complete audit report. It keeps a close eye on periodic inspections of medical equipment to ensure their functionality and allows you to store all the important records in a centralized and easy-to-use platform that you can later retrieve for audits.

Keeping Work Orders in Order

Work orders are essential in any facility to correct failed inspection points and to prevent issues from piling up, but they can find themselves obstructed by common roadblocks, such as undefined assignees, lack of progress tracking, and failure to meet deadlines. A healthcare CMMS can help avoid all these problems by defining clear roles and offering insight into the process, so no work order is left incomplete.

Setting Priorities

Without a clear visibility into processes, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s essential and what’s not. Using a healthcare CMMS allows facilities to notify their maintenance technicians in cases of emergency, work through different work orders to ensure priorities are observed, and trust resources are available depending on urgency and importance.

Assessing Risk Accurately

It’s imperative for healthcare facilities to manage risk. Mistakes or casualties caused by faulty systems or improper processes are a liability and are the first thing that needs to be monitored closely. A healthcare CMMS enables facilities to assess this risk and offer real-time insight into both facilities and clinical application scoring. This data can be used to identify security or compliance issues and help you adjust maintenance procedures accordingly.

Supporting Safety and Security

At the end of the day, the real task of a healthcare CMMS is to support functions safely by providing real-time insights into assets, inventory, and equipment maintenance. With increased visibility into systems, equipment and staff, a healthcare facility is better equipped to maintain them properly and keep them running smoothly. This way, staff can focus on taking care of their patients’ health instead of finding objects or resolving last minute bugs.

Specially Designed with Healthcare Facility Maintenance in Mind

MicroMain’s Maintenance Healthcare Software has been specially developed with the help of experienced healthcare facility professionals. Our software allows hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to benefit from improved maintenance and facility management. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to ensure your facility operates at peak efficiency, identify patient and staff equipment risk, and meet the needs of both facilities and clinical engineering/biomedical departments.

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Learn more about our industry leading maintenance management software for healthcare, or read how Riddle Memorial Hospital improved its maintenance operations with the help of our maintenance software in this helpful case study.



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