Riddle Memorial Hospital Case Study

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With MicroMain’s CMMS healthcare software as the backbone of its maintenance operations, Riddle Memorial Hospital is seeing results: fewer calls for service and improved productivity.

Located in Media, Pennsylvania, in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Riddle Memorial Hospital has seen a lot of changes in its 40 years of service. The hospital has grown from a single building with 160 beds to the 252-bed multi-facility healthcare campus it is today.

This kind of expansion put additional demands on Riddle’s maintenance and facility department, which began using MicroMain’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) two years ago.

“We had a different CMMS, but it was too complicated and not geared to our facility,” says David Adcock, Facilities Manager at Riddle. “When we evaluated other systems, we really liked MicroMain because of its modules, reporting, understandable terminology, properties organization, work order templates and inspection tasking.

“The pricing was right, too,” he adds. “Not only was it user-friendly and more comprehensive, MicroMain’s system was a lot less expensive than our previous CMMS.”

Using MicroMain as a starting point, Adcock joined the hospital’s Facility Administrator and the Project Manager to develop a plan for improving Riddle’s asset and facility management.

Now team leaders—in maintenance, mechanical, plant, projects, aesthetics, and grounds/satellite—stay on top of the work needed, utilizing 25 specialists, technicians and data entry personnel.

“We don’t do any work unless it goes through the MicroMain system,” Adcock says. “And at the push of a button, I can see exactly how many corrective and preventive maintenance work orders are open and closed, and who is doing what. This kind of reporting is extremely helpful as we continue to improve our efficiency.”

“We’re seeing results using MicroMain tasking with our new preventive maintenance procedures,” Adcock says. “At one point we had 190 calls from visitors who thought the hospital was too hot or too cold. Now with PM we have only seven. That’s a huge difference.”

Door inspections, as required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) are also completed with checklists every six months. If a door fails a particular inspection point, such as positive latching, a corrective work order is generated. Using MicroMain, Adcock can produce a paper trail—what was found, how any deficiencies were handled, and the final outcome—and meet inspection report requirements.

Fully accredited by JCAHO only a year after opening its doors, Riddle has maintained quality facilities and services over the decades and has complied with all the newest regulations. JCAHO ranked Riddle in the top one percent of hospitals in the nation for quality care several years ago, and in 2001 the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit was voted one of the top 100 ICUs in the nation. Keeping facilities and equipment running smoothly and efficiently is an important part of that recognition.

Another step in increasing efficiency is taking place with MicroMain’s module for PDA-based work orders and inspections. Currently being used on a limited basis, will eventually be utilized extensively throughout the hospital.

“I’m looking forward to using Mobile to track real-time labor,” Adcock says. “Another plus will be having the data automatically uploaded from the PDAs to MicroMain, which will save our staff a lot of time and effort.”

Adcock says he is very satisfied with the level of service he’s received from MicroMain, including assistance from his account manager, technical support and training.

“MicroMain’s software is the backbone of our department,” Adcock says. “We’re really happy with it. It has clearly played a big role in improving productivity and helping us to take our department to a whole new level of management.”

Healthcare facility and maintenance managers not only need to address the requests of staff, residents and patients, but also satisfy the requirements of regulatory agencies. MicroMain Corporation provides the powerful, user-friendly solution that meets these challenges, including the easy completion of inspections and reports. From JCAHO compliance to patient room upkeep to extended equipment life, MicroMain gives you what you need to succeed.

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