Maintenance & Facilities Management Software. The Best CMMS & CAFM

Maintenance and Facility Software

MicroMain On-Premise CMMS

Our Maintenance Management Software has been helping our customers effectively manage their maintenance operations since 1991. Maintenance Management CMMS is available on-premise or hosted.

Facility Management CAFM

Our Facility Management Software helps companies manage buildings, spaces, and occupants more efficiently, saving both time and money. Track square footage or meters, space characteristics, and analyze costs associated with moves, renovations and charge-backs. CAFM is available on-premise or hosted.

MicroMain Cloud CMMS

MicroMain’s cloud-based software serves all industries and facilities that need maintenance work tracked and performed regardless of size or complexity. It can scale from a single site to multiple sites, ensuring standardization and efficiency across all locations. Securely hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Just a Few of The Benefits of MicroMain's Building Technology

  • Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Multi-Site Standardization
  • Extend Lifetime of Assets
  • Actionable Business Intelligence via Advanced Analytics
  • Mobilized Workforce
  • Optimize Service Request and Work Order Management
  • Significantly Reduce Downtime
  • Maximize Resource Allocation and Productivity
  • Streamline Facilities Processes and Workflow
  • Efficient Use of Space
  • Collaboration at the Speed of Thought
  • Maintain and Audit Records and Logs
  • Document Management
  • Ensure and Track Compliance with Safety and Operations Regulations
  • Maximize Energy Efficiency
  • Ease of Use and Adoption
  • GLOBAL Building Technology Powered by Amazon Web Services

Want to take a look?

See how MicroMain can help your Maintenance and Facility Operations.

  • John Pribble
    “The MicroMain staff really made sure you got everything you needed out of the Users Conference. They made me feel so comfortable that asking all of my questions was fun. I learned a lot and it’s already made a huge impact on our productivity.”
    John Pribble
    City Center Development Fort Worth, TX
  • Julie Mullins
    “We are using MicroMain solutions in thirty two of our facilities with great success. MicroMain has been there to help out with any questions we have. They have always been able to set up in-house training for us and have worked with us to customize our database. We have enjoyed MicroMain’s conferences – we always leave with more software knowledge and information.”
    Julie Mullins
    City of Denton Denton, TX
  • David Adcock
    “We had a different CMMS, but it was too complicated and not geared to our facility. When we evaluated other systems, we really liked MicroMain because of its modules, reporting, understandable terminology, properties organization, work order templates and inspection tasking. The pricing was right, too. Not only was it user-friendly and more comprehensive, MicroMain’s system was a lot less expensive than our previous CMMS.”
    David Adcock
    Riddle Memorial Hospital Media, PA
  • Chris Hoppe
    “We looked at the application service provider (ASP) delivery because we wanted a CMMS with Web access. MicroMain XSP is doing exactly what we hoped it would do and we’ve had a good experience with the company. Many of our universities are Web-savvy and we needed a system that addressed that. The software and its easy access over the Internet have delivered the results we were looking for.”
    Chris Hoppe
    National Management Resources Corporation La Grange, GA
  • Randy S. Bach
    “I attended the MicroMain Users Conference before we actually purchased the product. After seeing first-hand what the product has to offer and discussing the applications with actual users like me, it was an easy decision. I am now in the process of implementing it.”
    Randy S. Bach
    Eventide Moorhead, MN
  • Jim Colston
    "When we decided to update our CMMS with barcode capability, we found out that it was going to cost us practically as much to upgrade as to purchase the MicroMain system. Our old CMMS was not flexible and it was virtually impossible to get the reports we required. With MicroMain we’re getting exactly what we want, quicker and much easier compared to our old system. I needed the ability to show administration and our CFO what we are actually doing, including our productivity. Now with reports from MicroMain, I can show work accomplished including inspections, which is especially important for health-care facilities."
    Jim Colston
    Goodwin House West Falls Church, VA
  • Roy Chiavacci
    “Based on our success with the software over the past ten years, I have no doubt MicroMain will keep pace with our needs as we virtually double our size. Thanks to MicroMain, we’ve moved from pencil and paper to a system where the technicians don’t have to physically handle any paper, and we can better close routine work orders at the end of the day. MicroMain is helping us get more work done while minimizing adding staff.”
    Roy Chiavacci
    Carroll Lutheran Village Carroll County, MD

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