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Reduce maintenance cost and equipment downtime. Increase productivity and the life of assets.

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CMMS Features

Our CMMS software is loaded with powerful features to help you better manage and optimize your maintenance operations

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Work Order Management

Our CMMS software makes scheduling and tracking work orders a breeze. Assign and track labor, parts, tools, and other important information. Set priorities, due dates, and alerts to ensure all work is completed properly and on time.

Preventive Maintenance

Our CMMS software will help you set up the best preventive maintenance plan possible. Establish consistent practices to improve the performance and safety of your equipment. Schedule regular maintenance tasks instead of constantly dealing with urgent repairs.

Predictive Maintenance

Our CMMS software allows you to take a proactive approach to your maintenance. Using trends and maintenance data stored in your CMMS, you will be able to accurately predict upcoming maintenance needs and address potential problems before they happen.

Asset Management

Our CMMS software allows you set up and track an unlimited number of assets and organize them into effective groups. Our software also offers a cloning feature to quickly duplicate asset records.

Parts & Inventory Management

Our CMMS software automatically records changes in parts inventory levels as they are used. Reduce inventory carrying costs while still maintaining an adequate supply of the parts on hand. Receive alerts when the quantity drops below your set minimum.

Workforce Tracking & Management

Our CMMS software allows you to track the time it takes technicians to complete certain tasks. Over time, you will be able to automatically calculate the estimated time needed to complete certain tasks and measure how well technicians perform.

QR Code & Barcode Enabled

Our CMMS software will automatically generate a unique QR code for every asset. You can print the QR codes and attach them to their corresponding asset. Using a QR code reader, you can scan an asset’s QR code and connect directly to the asset to request work orders.

Additional Features

  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Events, Metering, & Triggers
  • Single or Multi-Site Configurable
  • Service Request Portal
  • IoT Ready
  • Industry 4.0 Ready
  • User Role Permissions
  • KPI Tracking
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Maintenance History Reporting
  • Equipment Downtime Reporting
  • Intelligent Analytics & Reporting
  • Image Attachments
  • Mass Import/Export
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Document Storage
  • API For Easy Integrations
  • Compliance & Safety Audits

Our CMMS Delivers Results

Our software helps reduce maintenance cost and equipment downtime while increasing productivity and the life of assets.

maintenance manager at computer 52 | Computerized Maintenance Management Software
Mammoth Manufacturing

reduced their overall maintenance costs by 52%!

discuss best maintenance management 225 | EAM Solutions
Miami-Dade County

saved over $225,000 a year due to the decrease in staff needed to process service tickets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your software user-friendly? Will it be too hard for my maintenance team to use?

Our CMMS is the easiest-to-use CMMS software on the market. We’ve optimized our CMMS system to be as user-friendly as possible, with a clean, modern, easy-to-navigate user interface. Every feature was designed with all users, regardless of technical expertise, in mind.

How does the implementation process work? How are we going to move all of our data into our new CMMS?

MicroMain has developed tools specifically for moving all of your existing CMMS data into our system. Our implementation team will take your existing CMMS data, convert it, and move it into your new environment, perfectly preserving all of your work order history, documents, and other content you have.

Will your CMMS solution work for my specific business and industry?

Yes, MicroMain’s CMMS will work for your business and/or industry. The power and flexibility of our CMMS means that no matter what your company does, our CMMS will adapt to your specific needs. For more information, check out our Industries We Serve page.

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Cloud-Based CMMS Software That Fits Your Needs

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Some of Our Happy Customers

The positive impact MicroMain’s CMMS has had on our productivity and efficiency is tremendous.

Having reviewed other maintenance software programs, I found the MicroMain products to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly products available.

I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for a dependable maintenance manageement software package.

Jennifer Wilmore
University of North Texas

We had a different CMMS, but it was too complicated and not geared to our facility.

We really liked MicroMain because of its modules, reporting, understandable terminology, properties organization, work order templates and inspection tasking.

Not only was it user-friendly and more comprehensive, MicroMain’s system was a lot less expensive than our previous CMMS.

David Adcock
Riddle Memorial Hospital

What is a CMMS?

A CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is software designed to streamline maintenance management. The word ‘computerized’ in the phrase indicates that with a CMMS, all your maintenance data will be stored on a computer making it much easier to keep track of maintenance operations. The word ‘maintenance’ indicates the focus of the software. There is software designed for all different type of jobs these days, and CMMS software is specifically designed to help facilitate maintenance requirements. The word ‘management’ also indicates the role of a CMMS. A CMMS can help track and manage all needed maintenance in terms of prioritizing tasks and gathering necessary information for maintenance technicians to perform work. Finally, the word ‘system’ pulls together all the features and capabilities you can expect from a CMMS.

When you combine them all together (Computerized Maintenance Management System) you get a software system that can manage a variety of tasks such as work orders, preventive maintenance, purchase orders, inventory, and more. By understanding each word in the CMMS abbreviation, you will better understand what a CMMS system does, how it can help your operations, and how to choose the right CMMS software for your business.

A CMMS empowers organizations by streamlining work order management, optimizing preventive maintenance tasks, generating valuable reports, and much more. Read more about what a CMMS is.

What Benefits Can a CMMS Offer?

CMMS software can be extremely beneficial to a wide range of industries including hospitality and recreation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, real estate, government, and more.

A CMMS is designed to help maintenance professionals better manage their maintenance tasks and overall maintenance operations. A CMMS offers numerous important benefits to its users, one of the most important of which is reducing maintenance costs. By planning and carrying out regular maintenance with a CMMS, company equipment will remain in top working order at all times, thus preventing unexpected repairs and operation downtime.

Another important CMMS benefit is improved performance. Because the CMMS system plans and prioritizes all maintenance tasks, there is less disruption to the daily work schedule. CMMS software also handles many administrative tasks thus allowing maintenance engineers to focus more on their primary job responsibilities.

CMMS software can also offer an instant view of all maintenance operations at any given time, generate safety instructions and risk assessments, and reduce the amount of work needed in periodic audits.

By learning about these and other important benefits a CMMS offers, you can better understand how a CMMS can reduce maintenance costs while improving performance and efficiency for many different types of companies. Learn more about the benefits of a CMMS.

What is a CMMS Used For?

A computerized maintenance management system helps to effectively manage all the needed maintenance for a business or other organization by streamlining regular maintenance duties and tasks. Businesses use a CMMS to improve the productivity, efficiency and overall costs of their maintenance operations.

One common use for a CMMS is work order tracking (tracking maintenance from the start to the finish). In terms of facilitating maintenance duties, a CMMS can also be used to schedule routine and preventive maintenance, acting as a calendar that sends reminders to the appropriate staff members.

Moving beyond the obvious maintenance tasks, a CMMS can also be used for inventory management by showing how many of a particular item is in stock and how many parts were used in recent repair work.

A CMMS can also be a used as an easier and more efficient way to keep records. The computerized system holds a maintenance history that can be used in audits and ISO certification. These records can also be used as a database to scan previous repairs and find solutions to similar problems.

There are various ways to use a CMMS and each function can help maintenance professionals streamline processes and cut maintenance costs. Learn more about how a CMMS is used.

How to Get The Most From Your CMMS

Many companies rush into the process of using their Computerized Maintenance Management System and end up missing out on some of the most important features and benefits their CMMS can offer. Learn how to choose the right CMMS for your company, how to set it up properly, and how to use it effectively so you can get the most out of your CMMS.

Choose the Right CMMS
Evaluate the capabilities of a CMMS against your requirements. At a minimum, your CMMS needs to allow for tracking and editing, automatically generating work orders, and creating reports. Make sure any CMMS you are considering has these capabilities in a way that aligns with your company’s goals.

Set It Up Properly
First, get everyone on board with the CMMS. This includes your maintenance technicians, equipment operators, and especially management who can use the reports provided by the CMMS to make more informed decisions for the company’s bottom line.

Next, implement the CMMS. Build a database of equipment and maintenance tasks. Keep in mind that it usually works best if one person handles this task.

Finally, it’s time to train. Designate one person as the training expert, and take advantage of online training tools, training centers, and on-site CMMS training.

Use Your CMMS for More Than the Basics
Remember, a CMMS can be used for much more than just maintenance scheduling and work order generation. Take full advantage of other capabilities your CMMS offers such as the following.

– Including preventive as well as predictive maintenance in your plan
– Using past data to make smarter, cost-effective solutions
– Justifying new hires with backlog data
– Staying on top of warranty information and claims
– Inventorying spare parts
– Using reports to prove you have met FDA or OSHA guidelines

When you find the right CMMS system and use it properly, it can vastly improve your maintenance and overall business operations.
Read more about how to get the most from your CMMS.