Here is a look at just some of our many happy customer testimonials.

We use MicroMain software because it’s what we need at the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority – an off-the-shelf solution with lots of customization options. I also like working with MicroMain, because each time I call, they make me feel like I am the only customer they have.”

Trevis Gardner Metropolitan Knoxville Airport

When three hurricanes hit our 58 retail facilities over six weeks- like a one-two-three punch- MicroMain helped us tremendously. We tripled our usual work orders to over 60 a day, which we could easily generate with MicroMain. It was great because we could get the information into the system quickly and track it. Apart from emergency needs, we appreciate the fact that MicroMain helps us on an ongoing basis to monitor problems and repairs, analyze our costs, and improve customer service.”

Don Hardy Adiant Group, LLC

Based on a cost/benefit analysis, we chose MicroMain over all the other CMMS computerized maintenance management systems.”

Neil Reed Virginia Department of Transportation

Based on our success over the last ten years, I have no doubt MicroMain will keep pace with our needs as we virtually double in size. Thanks to MicroMain, we’ve moved from pencil and paper to a system where the technicians don’t have to physically handle any paper, and we can better close routine work orders at the end of the day. MicroMain is helping us get more work done while minimizing adding staff”

Chris Hoppe National Management Resources Corporation

MicroMain’s software is so easy to use I was able to understand the system almost instantly. Projects that used to take hours to do are now done in minutes.”

E’Lise Tozzi Glenview at Pelican Bay

As an Operations Assistant with a company that oversees maintenance for over 200 buildings, maximizing capabilities is only one of my many duties. MicroMain has enabled me to increase productivity.”

Spencer Davis Complete Building Services

The positive impact MicroMain’s CMMS has had on our productivity and efficiency is tremendous. Having reviewed other maintenance software programs, I found the MicroMain products to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly products available. I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for a dependable maintenance manageement software package.”

Jennifer Wilmore University of North Texas

We had a different CMMS, but it was too complicated and not geared to our facility. When we evaluated other systems, we really liked MicroMain because of its modules, reporting, understandable terminology, properties organization, work order templates and inspection tasking. The pricing was right, too. Not only was it user-friendly and more comprehensive, MicroMain’s system was a lot less expensive than our previous CMMS.”

David Adcock Riddle Memorial Hospital

MicroMain has helped me in making the most of the resources we have. We have 60 school sites sending in service calls. We needed a computerized maintenance management system to help us keep track of requests, labor time and completion. We chose MicroMain because it’s very easy to use. MicroMain helps me see exactly what’s going on at every school and with each maintenance shop. The reports alone are worth their weight in gold.”

Dennis Ziegler Santa Ana Unified School District