MicroMain CMMS & CAFM Software Case Studies

Case Studies

MicroMain solutions are used across the world to manage maintenance and facilities ranging from Airports to Zoos and everything in between. Below are some of the ways our customers benefit from our software.

Education Case Studies

Founded in 1902 Point Loma Nazarene University is located on beautiful Point Loma within the city of San Diego. Point Loma is a private Christian university with about 2,500 students as well as 688 faculty and staff members.

“We’ve raised the bar on maintenance performance for Point Loma Nazarene University. We’re able to make the right choices based on solid information. I’ve even recommended MicroMain software to another regional university.”

Elizabeth Priest
Point Loma Nazarene University
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As a community-based, open-admission college, Louisiana State University at Alexandria (LSUA) is growing rapidly. Enrollment has increased by more than fourteen (14%) percent during each of the last three semesters. Jerry Bell, director of Physical Plant at LSUA, is responsible for managing the university’s 300,000 gross square feet of facilities.

“We chose MicroMain to help us implement technology that would manage maintenance efforts across the entire campus.”

Jerry Bell
LSU at Alexandria
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Like many school districts with enrollment spikes and reduced resources, the Santa Ana Unified School District faces many challenges, including maintenance. With MicroMain Maintenance Management, the district is getting results, including all of the reports it needs..

“We chose MicroMain’s CMMS because it’s very easy to use.”

Dennis Ziegler
Santa Ana Unified School District
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National Management Resources Corporation relies on MicroMain’s CMMS, delivered over the Internet, to help meet its mission: enabling educational institutions to present an appealing professional image.

“We looked at the application service provider (ASP) delivery because we wanted a CMMS with web access. Many of our universities are web-savvy and we needed a system that addressed that.”

Chris Hoppe
National Management Resources
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MicroMain Maintenance Management was implemented as a means for better tracking maintenance time and costs. The school uses MicroMain software for work orders, preventive maintenance, and fleet management/depreciation.

“MicroMain Maintenance Management is easy to implement and use, even for people with little to no computer experience.”

Chuck Evans
Thacher School
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Recreation Case Studies

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was built in 1923 and is considered a California Historical Landmark.

“MicroMain Maintenance allows us to accurately track and maintain critical assets.”

Brian Grant
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
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The Dallas Zoo is the largest and oldest zoo in the state of Texas. To manage the facilities, equipment and maintenance going on inside the zoo, they needed a strong CMMS system. They picked MicroMain due to its ease of use and flexibility.

“MicroMain was selected over other CMMS companies because it was cost-effective and provided the type of tracking and features that we needed in a CMMS system.”

Sheilah Spencir
Dallas Zoo
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Public Sector Case Studies

We were looking for software that was able to compare apples to apples when it came to documenting our budget and the actual incurred costs.

“Using MicroMain Maintenance makes us more efficient and ensures we meet our users’ needs.”

Jennifer Tyler
City of Denton Parks and Recreation Department
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After comparing 12 CMMS/EAM solutions, Miami-Dade County chose MicroMain.

“With MicroMain, the overall cost of software maintenance and updates was a far better expense than the cost of competitors.”

John Menendez
Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department
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The Cape May County Facilities Department is responsible for 100+ buildings consisting of more than 1,000,000 sq. ft. The buildings include everything from offices to correctional facilities to nursing homes.

“The software is a great way to keep records. It shows you what’s been done, how much was spent and also tracks labor and parts.”

Budd Springer
Cape May County
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The City of Denton is home to over 131,000 residents in North Texas.

“It’s so user-friendly, and the new dashboard makes it easier than ever to get a quick look at Key Performance Indicators.”

Dawn Wilson
City of Denton Facilities Management Department
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Property Management Case Studies

Frustrated with a CMMS system that was too expensive, inflexible, and impossible to use for needed reports, Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroad turned to MicroMain Maintenance Management. Now the maintenance department is saving time and money.

“With MicroMain we’re getting exactly what we want, quicker and much easier compared to our old system. I needed the ability to show administration and our CFO what we are actually doing, including our productivity. Now with reports from MicroMain, I can show work accomplished including inspections, which is especially important for health-care facilities.”

Jim Colston
Goodwin House West
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Carroll Lutheran Village has used MicroMain’s software for 10 years to keep pace with maintenance needs for its retirement community. Doubling facilities is on the horizon, and managers say there’s no doubt MicroMain can meet the challenge.

“Based on our success over the last ten years, I have no doubt MicroMain will keep pace with our needs as we virtually double in size.”

Roy Chiavacci
Carroll Lutheran Village
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Manufacturing Case Studies

Using MicroMain’s software as part of its maintenance excellence practice, Mammoth, a leader in manufacturing excellence, has reduced overall maintenance costs by 52%. And that’s just the beginning.

“With MicroMain, we are getting everything that the competition offers and more, for a fraction of the cost.”

Jeff Nevenhoven
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Healthcare Case Studies

With MicroMain’s software as the backbone of its maintenance operations, Riddle Memorial Hospital is seeing results: fewer calls for service and improved productivity.

“MicroMain’s software is the backbone of our department. We’re really happy with it. It has clearly played a big role in improving productivity and helping us to take our department to a whole new level of management.”

David Adcock
Riddle Memorial Hospital
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Transportation Case Studies

The Virginia Railway Express was able to use MicroMain Maintenance Management’s range of inventory management features to simplify management of their $7M worth of inventory without forcing them to change their established inventory tracking process.

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