Miami-Dade County Corrections Case Study

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The Miami-Dade County jail system consists of six jails, which house approximately 7,200 inmates and cover a total of more than 1,000,000 sq. ft. Prior to implementing MicroMain, the Corrections and Rehabilitation Department was using an outdated version of Microsoft Access to track their maintenance activities. Due to the large number of service tickets being generated, the system was experiencing frequent crashes at all six locations.


After comparing 12 CMMS/EAM solutions, Miami-Dade County chose MicroMain.

John Menendez, Facility Maintenance Administrator for Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department says, “With MicroMain, the overall cost of software maintenance and updates was a far better expense than the cost of competitors. A lot of configuration work could be done in house, saving us the time and expense of having to go to a programmer.”


Miami-Dade County estimates that they are saving at least $225,000 per year due to the decrease in staff needed to process service tickets. Staff used to spend four hours per day updating the service tickets for tracking purposes. After implementing MicroMain software, tracking is done automatically. Reports that used to take a month to generate are now available daily.

To generate a service ticket in the old system, an officer would write a request that would pass through multiple people and take 4-6 days to be received. With MicroMain, this process has been cut down to less than a minute to receive and issue the service ticket. This is especially helpful in emergency situations when security is in jeopardy.

“The software is pretty much working on its own and we really like what it’s doing for us. I trained all of the officers, janitors and directors from the six facilities to use MicroMain to create service requests and it is absolutely incredible. People are actually using the system because it is easy to use,” says Melendez.