CMMS Implementation Services

MicroMain has a full implementation team on staff and boasts over 28 years of successful CMMS implementations. For customers wanting more than just basic training, we offer comprehensive implementation related services.

Below is a look at our 6 step implementation process to ensure a smooth and successful CMMS implementation for your company or organization.

6 Steps to Success

step 1
Customer Kick-Off Call

This is a call with the MicroMain Implementation Team and your power users. Expectations are set for the project plan, timeline, deliverables, and business requirements. Upon completion, MicroMain will provide Excel data templates and documentation to assist with implementation.

step 2
Pre-Data Import Consultation

This is a meeting with your Software Implementation Specialist (SIS) and Database Engineer. Your SIS will conduct discovery to understand your work process and business requirements better to help map out the data transfer and import. With the guidance of your SIS and Database Engineer, SCI will transfer data into the Excel templates provided by MicroMain.

step 3
Data Import

You will provide the completed Excel data templates to your Database Engineer to import into your instance.

step 4
Data Review

After data import completion, a meeting will be scheduled with your SIS and Database Engineer to start the review process. If changes or errors are agreed upon during this meeting, MicroMain will provide the necessary services to assure a successful and approved data import.

step 5
3-Day On-Site Consulting & Training

Before your on-site training, your SIS will schedule a meeting to address any special requirements or schedule you will need for the training. Please see more details below about this training.

step 6
fleet maintenance management software

Once the training has been completed, you will be ready to go live.

Additional Info: 3-Day On-Site Consulting & Training

MicroMain’s Software Implementation Specialist will arrive to your location to train your team, for three days, based on role-based requirements. The training agenda will be fine-tuned to fit your specific needs before arriving on site via a discovery call. We begin with the end in mind and establish the desired outcomes upfront to build out the lessons based on the defined objectives.

Some common user roles we train on include Maintenance Admin, Maintenance Technician, Requester, and Maintenance Planner.

The agenda is designed around your specific needs, but topics generally include the following: Data Hierarchy, Import and Structure, Site Navigation, Access Links and Security, Service Requesters, Work Order Process, Tasks Shops, Task Queues, Preventative Maintenance, Inventory, and a brief overview of Analytics Reporting. The agenda will be mutually agreed upon before the visit during a discovery call.

We believe it is essential for all users regardless of role to have a broad understanding of the workflow and then break out days based on user roles.

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Our experienced team has a proven track record of successful CMMS implementations. Let us help implement your new CMMS quickly and efficiently with our professional implementation services. For more information, please call us at 1-888-888-1600 or email