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Founded in 1902 Point Loma Nazarene University is located on beautiful Point Loma within the city of San Diego. Point Loma is a private Christian university with about 2,500 students as well as 688 faculty and staff members.

Continuous Improvement

When Elizabeth Priest joined Point Loma Nazarene University as the Campus Facilities Office Manager, MicroMain CMMS software was already in use. At that time, Point Loma Nazarene University was managing work orders, labor and parts using MicroMain Maintenance. Within weeks of joining the University, Elizabeth had the opportunity to attend MicroMain’s Annual Users Conference.

She quickly realized that MicroMain Maintenance provided another level of functionality that would have long-term impact on maintenance performance. Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with MicroMain Maintenance’s reporting function helped reduce costs for labor and parts and provided data to more accurately predict — and meet — budgets.

Subsequently Elizabeth implemented MicroMain’s Mobile module freeing technicians to access work orders in the field, where the work is performed. This reduces the time technicians require to complete a work order. And when a work order is completed in the field, the data is quickly and accurately available in MicroMain Maintenance.

Next she added MicroMain’s Work Request module, providing a convenient URL for use by staff and students to quickly and easily request facility repair or maintenance via the web.


Using MicroMain Maintenance provides visibility into critical data that helps the University make better decisions to continuously improve maintenance performance and reduce costs.

“We’ve raised the bar on maintenance performance for Point Loma Nazarene University,” says Elizabeth. “We’re able to make the right choices based on solid information. I’ve even recommended MicroMain software to another regional university.”