Thacher School Case Study

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The Thacher School is a prestigious coed boarding school located on 425 acres of hillside overlooking the Ojai Valley.

Old System Needs Replacing

Founded in 1889, the Thacher School is one of the top boarding schools in the country. The school has more than 325,000 sq. ft. of facilities including 44 homes, stables for 130 horses, and their own electrical, water, and waste treatment systems. When the maintenance staff grew to 18, the school knew it was time to move away from their manual maintenance system and handwritten work orders.

MicroMain Solves Their Problem

MicroMain’s maintenance management software was implemented as a means for better tracking maintenance time and costs. The school uses MicroMain software primarily for work orders and preventive maintenance. According to the head of the maintenance plant, Chuck Evans, MicroMain Maintenance Management is easy to implement and use, even for people with little to no computer experience. Mr. Evans had previously worked at facilities with a very complex CMMS, but likes MicroMain’s system because it doesn’t require a full-time person to manage it.

Staff Enjoy Its Ease of Use

The Thacher School was able to bring the staff up quickly because of how intuitive and straightforward maintenance management is to use. The school is now set up to receive work orders via phone and email and technicians have quick access to PMs and other documents attached to assets.

The Thacher School Board is very supportive of the CMMS implementation and looks forward to using the software to plan for more than $12 million in deferred maintenance.