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Software Features

Preventive maintenance is just one of the many great features available with our industry leading CMMS software.

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Preventive Maintenance

Tired of dealing with unexpected equipment downtime and urgent repairs? Our software will help you establish an effective preventive maintenance plan to reduce downtime, lower repair cost, and extend the life of your assets.

Asset Management

Looking for a better way to track and manage your valuable company assets? Our preventive maintenance software will help track all of your assets and group them effectively. You can also easily duplicate asset records with our special cloning feature.

Work Orders

Streamline the scheduling, tracking, and completion of company work orders with our powerful work orders feature. Track labor, parts, and other imprtant details for each work order. Assign due dates and even set automated alerts to ensure every work order is completed properly.

Inventory & Parts

Always know what parts you have in stock as our preventive maintenance software automatically records changes in your inventory levels. You can set up automated alerts to notify you when your inventory falls below a certain level. Reduce carrying cost by not storing more parts than you need.

Labor Tracking & Management

Track how much time technicians spend on assigned tasks. Develop averages over time to better understand how specific technicians are performing compared to their peers. Know before a task is even assigned how much time should be required to complete it.

QR Codes & Barcodes

Our preventive maintenance software even offers the ability to generate unique QR codes for your company assets. You can easily print off the codes and attach them to the corresponding asset. Our software allows you to scan a QR code to connect the asset to a new work order.

Predective Maintenance

Use valuable stored maintenance data to develop trends and accurately predict upcoming maintenance needs. Address problems before they actually occur and take a more proactive approach to managing your maintenance.

Additional Features

  • Mobile Maintenance Enabled
  • Single or Multi-Site Configurable
  • Service Request Portal
  • Events, Meters, & Triggers
  • Industry 4.0 Ready
  • IoT Ready
  • Set User Role Permissions
  • KPI Tracking
  • Real Time Reports
  • Intelligent Analytics & Reports
  • Maintenance History Reports
  • Equipment Failure Reports
  • Image Attachments
  • Mass Import/Export
  • Document Storage Center
  • Custom Integrations With API
  • Compliance & Safety Reports
  • Multi-Language Support

Our Preventive Maintenance Software Delivers Results

Our preventive maintenance software can significantly reduce your maintenance expenses and downtime while also increasing the life of your assets and overall productivity.

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Mammoth Manufacturing

reduced their overall maintenance costs by 52%!

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Miami-Dade County

saved over $225,000 a year due to the decrease in staff needed to process service tickets.

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How can I set up and track my preventive maintenance tasks?

Our preventive maintenance software provides an easy way for you to set up and track your preventive maintenance (PM) schedule. Preventive maintenance tasks can be set up based on time (e.g. annually or once per month) or by meter (e.g. every 1000 miles or every 100 hours of run time). Once the PMs are scheduled, the software will automatically generate an editable schedule of “pending” and “active” work orders. In addition, our software offers you the flexibility to specify a time frame in which the work orders must completed and/or adjust for seasonality.

Do you already have standard preventive maintenance procedures to choose from?

With more than 240 sets of standard preventive maintenance procedures to choose from in our library, you can get your PM program up and running quickly. The standard PMs cover common maintenance activities for facilities, vehicles, and equipment. You are also able to create customized procedures as required. Once the PMs are set up, you can pre-assign labor, parts, and tools to tasks and also note additional items such as safety and shutdown procedures. Our preventive maintenance software will automatically calculate an estimated time for your PM tasks and update/track the average time and cost for completing each task.

Does your software provide detailed reporting?

We offer several standard preventive maintenance reports that provide detailed information to help you monitor and analyze your maintenance operations. You can preserve and restore equipment reliability by tracking equipment condition and replacing worn components before they actually fail.

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Cloud-Based Preventive Maintenance Software

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Some of Our Happy Customers

The positive impact MicroMain’s CMMS has had on our productivity and efficiency is tremendous.

Having reviewed other maintenance software programs, I found the MicroMain products to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly products available.

I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for a dependable maintenance manageement software package.

Jennifer Wilmore
University of North Texas

We had a different CMMS, but it was too complicated and not geared to our facility.

We really liked MicroMain because of its modules, reporting, understandable terminology, properties organization, work order templates and inspection tasking.

Not only was it user-friendly and more comprehensive, MicroMain’s system was a lot less expensive than our previous CMMS.

David Adcock
Riddle Memorial Hospital

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