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Preventive Maintenance Software

MicroMain Maintenance provides an easy way for you to set up and track your preventive maintenance (PM) schedule. PMs can be set up based on time (e.g. annually or once per month) or by meter (e.g. every 1000 miles or every 100 hours of run time). Once the PMs are scheduled, the software will automatically generate an editable schedule of “pending” and “active” work orders. In addition, Maintenance offers you the flexibility to specify a time frame in which the work orders must completed and/or adjust for seasonality.

Get a Fast Start with Standard PMs

With more than 240 sets of standard preventive maintenance procedures to choose from in the PM library, MicroMain Maintenance will help you get your PM program up and running quickly. The standard PMs cover common maintenance activities for facilities, vehicles, and equipment. You are also able to create customized procedures as required. Once the PMs are set up, you can pre-assign labor, parts, and tools to tasks and also note additional items, such as safety and shutdown procedures. The software will automatically calculate an estimated time for your PM tasks and update/track the average time and cost for completing each task.

Minimize Downtime & Save Money

MicroMain Maintenance offers a number of standard PM reports that provide detailed information to help you monitor and analyze your maintenance operations. You can preserve and restore equipment reliability by tracking equipment condition and replacing worn components before they actually fail.

study by Jones Lang Lasalle demonstrated that the ROI of using effective preventive maintenance practices versus no preventive maintenance system in place is 545%. MicroMain’s PM software helps you keep repair costs down, reduce downtime, and dramatically cut replacement costs.

Maintenance Management Software

Preventive maintenance is just one of the many great features available with our industry leading CMMS software. Learn more about our powerful and easy to use maintenance management software today!