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How Your CMMS Makes Your Company Sustainable

CMMS makes your company more sustainable | Maintenace Planner

Sustainability should be a focus of any business- it helps protect the world we live in, cuts down on waste your company has to deal with, and can be used as an invaluable marketing tool when persuading customers to buy your products. And if you use a CMMS, believe it or not, you’re already working hard on sustainability! How’s that, you ask? Well…

You’re Saving Paper

One of the biggest advantages of a CMMS from a quality-of-life standpoint is going paperless. It also turns out that, by refusing to fill out thousands of work orders a year on several thousand more pieces of paper, you’re eliminating a huge environmental drain that would otherwise be plaguing a forest somewhere around the world.

Better Management of Part Inventories

By quickly and easily tracking your parts inventory you’ll be able to ensure that you’re never in need of rushed parts. Ordering your parts in bulk quantities is much easier to plan for, and will keep delivery trucks from constantly arriving at your warehouse with only one box of parts in tow. Full trailers = fulfilling change!

Preventing Breakdowns and Downtime

Using preventive maintenance to do routine inspections on machines can help prolong the lifespan of certain parts that wear out over time if not properly lubricated, cleaned, replaced, or otherwise maintained. Keeping these parts working as long as possible will reduce the amount of waste your operations produces, helping cut back on your environmental impact.

Track and Optimize Resource Usage

Tracking meter readings on resources like water and gas will give you the data you need to make sure you’re using them optimally. Using too much? Guess what- dialing back that usage makes you instantly more sustainable. Wa-ter go! (Pun intended!)

Get the Ball Rolling

Sustainability should start with your CMMS- MicroMain’s CMMS, that is! Using our software will give you the sustainability your company has been looking for. Schedule yourself a free consultation with one of our CMMS experts today!



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