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Different Ways to Keep Your CMMS Updated


Updating any piece of large, sprawling, business-based software is a terrifying proposition for even the most experienced IT professionals. It seems that, no matter how hard you try, one little thing is always determined to go wrong and threaten your entire maintenance operation.

This does not mean, however, that you should ignore available updates. These updates are made with a purpose, like important and useful new features, (often major) security updates, performance improvements, and hosts of small, quality-of-life features. As a result, technicians should take a weekend when new updates are available to install these upgrades and ensure smooth operation of their CMMS post-update. But where do you start? What’s the proper procedure? Today, we’ll be looking at how to update three of the most common types of CMMS– on-premise, hosted, and cloud solutions.

On-Premise and Hosted CMMS

On-premise CMMS solutions can be tricky, but given they’re often security-focused in nature, worthwhile in nature, and could be the difference between a massive data breach and a safe and secure system. Updates come through an uploaded file to an FTP manager from your CMMS provider for you to download and install. From there, you’ll run the installer and follow through the steps to update everything.

It’s crucial that you ensure your data has been backed up before installing a new version of your CMMS. Should there be any system-breaking incompatibility between your old and new CMMS and your data, reports, assets, and records are corrupted or inaccessible, you’ll be able to roll back to your previous version of CMMS. You can then take this information to your CMMS provider and have them assess the situation and help you develop a solution.

Cloud CMMS

This will be short and sweet…you do nothing! That’s right- your cloud-based CMMS is updated server-wide and in the background, eliminating any legwork you need to do. And because it builds upon the framework that every cloud-based CMMS customer uses, there’s never an issue with data or asset incompatibility or broken workflows.

Get the Ball Rolling

Updating can be scary- unless you have MicroMain working by your side. MicroMain works hard with its customers to ensure your operations go as smoothly as possible, and is already to help anyone in need of assistance either updating their on-premise/hosted CMMS or understanding changes that have been made or added to their GLOBAL CMMS. If you’d like to learn more about updating to a newer version of your CMMS, or upgrading to our unbreaking GLOBAL CMMS, give us a call at 512-328-3235 or book a free demo online.



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