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Customize Your Maintenance With Custom Maintenance Schedules

Custom maintenance schedule equals more free time | Best EAM Software

Creating custom maintenance schedules should be near the top of every maintenance workers to-do list. It gives you a detailed breakdown of what every asset needs and exactly when it needs it. By taking time to create the broad maintenance strokes for your equipment, you can save yourself dozens of hours and headaches trying to figure out what needs your attention at any given time. By creating these custom maintenance schedules, you take the guesswork out of maintenance for your workers.

The Different Ways To Use Custom Scheduling

Custom maintenance schedules don’t have to be limited to your own assets. If you own a car repair shop, for instance, you can set up schedules for customer vehicles. When a vehicle has maintenance coming up, your CMMS can prompt you to send your customer an email letting them know they have upcoming service requirements. This can help you both keep customers coming back on a regular basis and help soften the possible surprise influx of customers on any given day. The same can be done for electronic assets, like servers and business computers. Scheduling regular server resets will keep them running smoothly, and planning them out weeks or even months in advance gives businesses (or your business) the foresight they need to avoid losing valuable data or time during one of these periods of maintenance.

You Need a CMMS

Creating these schedules can be a lot of work if done by hand, not to mention can’t be easily edited, aren’t available everywhere you’ll need them to be, can be lost, and can’t track any time spent on completing them/who’s completed them/what replacement or repair parts they used. What you’ll need to get the most out of custom maintenance schedules is a CMMS. A CMMS makes creating these schedules easy- just a few clicks and you’re ready to maintain all of your assets on a regular basis, not to mention keep every aspect of your maintenance digitally for easy editing and reporting on your operations. MicroMain’s CMMS has been developed over 25 years and features some of the best maintenance schedule creation around. If you’re ready to get your assets on their own custom schedules, contact us today for a free demo!



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