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How to Use CMMS Inventory Management for Healthcare Operations


Healthcare is one of the most important industries throughout the world. Staying healthy and productive is the backbone to successful societies, and couldn’t be accomplished without the help of trained professionals who know what’s making you sick and how to fix it.

Keeping them focused on their job is important- they don’t have time to worry about having the materials they need to save someone’s life or whether their work environments are safe and clean. That’s why we have inventory management; it affects not only the maintenance staff, but also the doctors who save lives everyday. Here are just a few of the ways CMMS inventory tracking can be used to ensure operations of your healthcare facilities go smoothly.

Track Healthcare Materials Inventory

Being able to track things like syringes, gauze, sponges, scissors, scalpels, clamps, and other materials that doctors need might not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of maintenance, but they very well could be. CMMS software is versatile, and is an amazing way to quickly and efficiently track what tools and materials your doctors are using, determining costs surrounding them, and when they should be restocked. The worst thing that could possibly happen is running out of materials needed to save a person’s life, and a CMMS will help keep this from every being a concern in the first place

Track Cleaning Schedules and Materials

Hospitals and doctors offices need to be clean, especially with the amount of disease and sickness that these buildings see regularly. Being able to manage cleaning schedules and material usage from one portal is powerful and easy, and keeps everything you need to know in one central place.

Track Medical Devices

Equipment goes beyond cleaning and using on people- it can extend to the tools you use to show patients reports, take their pulse, and hold your tools during operations. These devices need maintenance, too, and can be logged into your inventory system as assets for use or assets that need servicing.

No Matter What You Do, Use MicroMain

MicroMain has got you covered! Our versatile CMMS software can be used any way you need it to be- from devices to cleaning supplies, our inventory system makes sure you never run out and can track the costs of anything you need. If you’re interested in getting your healthcare facilities up and running with MicroMain, contact us today for a free trial of our CMMS software!



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