Why You Should Maintain Your Buildings With CMMS

Most technicians are so focused on fixing assets inside of buildings that they don’t stop to consider the fact that the buildings that house their machines are assets they should be treating with the same tender, loving care.

Buildings and facilities should be included as assets inside your CMMS with their own preventive maintenance schedules, descriptions, and management- and using the CMMS already in front of you is the perfect jumping off point. Here’s how to get the most out of building maintenance with a CMMS.

Use Preventive Maintenance

Performing preventive maintenance on your buildings will ensure that issues like cracking drywall or a shifting foundation can be identified quickly and early on, allowing you to be proactive in fixing the problem instead of reactive to your warehouse splitting in two. Using the same CMMS for everything your company does will also allow you to easily integrate routine facility maintenance into your busy schedule, as it will show what needs done alongside the rest of your preventive maintenance schedules.

Work Orders for Issues Inside Your Building

Sometimes, you just need to do regular maintenance on a leaking faucet, broken office equipment, or an improperly sealed window. Creating work orders for these smaller maintenance issues will allow you to track what maintenance you’ve performed to keep your facilities in check, making reporting on these issues a breeze. It will also allow you to identify serious issues early on by recognizing patterns in what you’re having to maintain on a regular basis.

Cleaning Your Buildings

Sometimes, you just need a good deep cleaning! For smaller operations, you might not have a regular cleaning crew. Scheduling regular cleanings will keep your buildings looking clean and professional. And for businesses that naturally create large amounts of debris, like wood mills or drilling rigs, getting behind on cleaning can create hazardous and danger-ridden environments for your workers and machines alike. Cleaning can and should be considered and tracked through your CMMS to keep those floors clean and your technicians safe.

A CMMS can be a tremendous ally when maintaining your buildings- and MicroMain’s here to help. Our professional trainers can help you figure out exactly how you should be tracking your building maintenance with your CMMS- and even come give you a hand, if necessary! For more information, contact us today for a free demo.