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CMMS Goes Global: What’s Next?


The tech world moves fast; and when it comes to maintenance software, when a change happens, it changes everything. Earlier this year, MicroMain released GLOBAL — our Multi-Site CMMS EAM SaaS featuring Advanced Analytics capabilities. And like with all change, it can take time to adjust to and learn the ins and outs to leverage and get the most out of the technology. But staying ahead of the curve can help you face change better, which is why it’s good to keep these trends in mind for the remainder of the year.

Maintenance Is Tech-Savvy

A common misconception equates maintenance teams with old-timey attitudes or methodologies. Maintenance and facility management software has been around for decades – overall maintenance even longer – but that doesn’t mean the industry doesn’t grow along with the technology. As our world becomes increasingly digital, your workers already engage with technology on a regular basis, so learning a new system will be easy for them — given right instruction. MicroMain offers training sessions on diverse topics and capabilities to keep your team up to speed and give them the ability to leverage their tools to gain the best results.

Make The Tech Work For You

While making sure your team knows the platform, it’s important to remember that the platform works for you. More user-friendly interfaces and customizable configurations will allow you and your workers to visualize, adapt, and optimize your processes through automated options. MicroMain’s platform allows you to adjust it to better fit your specific country, industry, department, function or user with features such as:

  • asset management
  • notifications
  • service requests
  • multi-language setting

Inform Your Decision Making

Management, especially maintenance management, functions under a set of goals and plans to keep your facility working smoothly, smartly, and within budget. It’s essential, then, that your software allows you to monitor progress on processes and results via Advanced Analytics. The insight gained constitutes actionable business intelligence that will support any decision-making and ensure your maintenance stays ahead of the game in relation to your competitors.

Keeping It Mobile

Chances are you’re reading this on your phone. Or maybe you’ve looked at your phone a couple of times since you started. It’s okay. Everyone will agree the single most important development in the tech industry is the move towards mobile devices. And it makes sense: being able to keep track and log processes on the go makes your employees more productive and efficient than forcing them to sit down and input information at a desk. MicroMain’s GLOBAL mobile capabilities enable your employees to work more closely with the platform to enter data, access history, review work orders and receive notifications instantly.

The CMMS Future is Now

The future looks bright for maintenance management, with rapidly evolving systems and software that allow old and new workers to streamline workflow, collaborate remotely, and optimize their processes through easy-to-use interfaces configured to meet your facility’s specific needs.



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