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On Track & On Time: CMMS for Plant Maintenance

CMMS for Plan Maintenance

The job of ensuring an effective plant maintenance can be daunting: keeping track of all your assets, making sure preventive maintenance is done regularly, and that records, manuals and procedures are easy-to-find for your employees. Luckily, technology is here to help. A thorough Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can keep you on top of your game with ease, leveraging both Cloud-based and mobile technologies.

Manufacturing is among the few industries where mistakes and delays can be catastrophic: machine downtime, misplaced or incomplete documentation, human errors that lead to breakdowns, missing supplies, and more. Any one of these can mean wasted production time and hundreds —if not thousands— of lost dollars that could ultimately sink your budget and affect your bottom line.

It’s no secret that pen and paper systems are outdated, and more of a chore to maintain than they’re worth. But how, exactly, does a CMMS measure up?

CMMS for Plant Maintenance 101: Keep It Moving

One of the more important elements for manufacturing facilities and plants is to be able to keep production up and running. This will result in greater productivity and a higher ROI! However, making sure your equipment is working at capacity requires that your software give you visibility into your operations, assets and labor.

MicroMain enables managers to improve their operations, increase productivity and optimize preventive maintenance to keep equipment running smoothly. Additionally, our platform will allow you to:

  • Ensure equipment uptime and availability
  • Prevent labor overtime
  • Meet lockout/tagout requirements
  • Control operating costs
  • Provide data showing compliance required by OSHA, FDA, EPA, and others.

CMMS for Plant Maintenance 102: Keep It Under Control

Production is dependent on a well-developed plan and a well-oiled system, but, let’s face it: the unexpected will happen. Anything from emergency repairs to delayed supply deliveries can throw your entire plant out of whack if you’re not careful and ready to respond quickly with the right labor, parts and procedures.

MicroMain can help you stay on top of things by providing insight into your operations and data to organize maintenance needs efficiently and effectively. Through our CMMS for manufacturing, you’ll be able to:

  • Store data or integrate with tools to enable proper procedures for equipment repair
  • Collect data used for workflow decision-making in PLM
  • Follow procedures related to PLM (inventory, parts re-use)
  • Access Material Safety Data Sheets, including work order attachments
  • Scale to adjust to your enterprise-wide plant needs

 CMMS for Plant Maintenance, Advanced: Keep It Within Budget

Costs are just one of those things that can run wild if you’re not cautious; especially if there are emergency repairs or split-second decisions involved. When getting things done is the top priority, keeping costs low can easily slip your mind — as you’re thinking about the problem at hand, not the big picture.

MicroMain gives you a holistic breakdown with highly detailed cost and time analysis reports that include TCO for assets and parts, allowing you to budget better and more accurately. We provide tools to:

  • Control labor, contracted services, parts and asset maintenance costs
  • Use historical, current and projected costs to better manage money spent on equipment maintenance
  • Access over 400 standard reports covering assets, labor, parts, costs, and more.
  • Measure maintenance costs, both at the plant and the enterprise level.
  • Track costs related to PLC or CNC maintenance

CMMS for Plant Maintenance, Master Class: Keeping It Real

MicroMain has helped various manufacturing companies to improve their plant operations, reduce maintenance costs and get more work done. Mammoth, an industry leader in custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) with over 80 years’ experience, achieved amazing results by implementing MicroMain for their entire facilities, including:

  • 52% less overall maintenance costs
  • 48% reduction in overtime
  • More work done with 42% less manpower

Clearly, a well-maintained manufacturing facility and a comprehensive maintenance management software go hand in hand. As technology moves forward, so does manufacturing — and the time to incorporate solutions to optimize maintenance tasks and enable smart working is now!

Learn more about Mammoth’s dramatic change in management and productivity by transitioning to MicroMain in our case study, and see how MicroMain’s new GLOBAL capabilities can help your facilities around the world run smoothly through Cloud-based technology.



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