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Tips and Tricks for Better CMMS Reporting

CMMS graph reporting

We’ve written about reports before on our blog, in a post about advanced reporting that you can check out here. While we went into the benefits of having advanced reporting as one of your tools, we didn’t elaborate on some of the finer reporting techniques and tips to make better reports. So today, we have exactly that! Here’s a couple of handy tricks to make your reports more useful, flexible, and reusable.

Use Sliding Date Ranges

Sliding date ranges are useful if you want to generate a consistent, template-like report with different sets of data in each one. Sliding date ranges allow you to change what data is reported on through sliding the date range when generating your report.

Generating Graphs

If you or your technicians have a hard time parsing through dozens of columns and rows of numbers to determine what your report is trying to tell you, try changing the way the data is displayed with a graph. Adding a handy bar graph or pie chart is a great alternative to give you an at-a-glance view of your data, and easily determine which part of the pie is the largest- and therefore, taking up most of your money or resources.

Using Custom Report Templates

Most CMMS programs come with built-in industry-standard reports to save you time when exporting and generating your analytics for decision making. Just choose a template when exporting your data and that’s it! A report will be auto-generated with everything you need already where it should be.

Configurable Report Export Formats

Need a report generated as a PDF to print off, but also as a manipulable file to export to a spreadsheet program? CMMS reporting has you covered! When exporting your finished documents, you can easily choose what file format you want it exported as, and name them separately should you need to do so.

On-the-Go Mobile Report Viewing

If you’re on the jobsite with a current or potential client, it might not be convenient or practical to carry around stacks of reports to woo and impress them with. With a mobile device, however, you can quickly pull up any report directly from your CMMS system, granted you have a connection to the internet.

All This and More – With MicroMain

Reporting tricks are useful in more than a handful of situations, and MicroMain has put decades into refining and enhancing our reporting capabilities to give you as much power and flexibility as you need. If you’re ready to get started with better reporting, contact one of our CMMS experts today to set up your free consultation!



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