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How to Build Better Reports at Your Facilities


Are you ready to start building better reports to improve how you analyze your data? Advanced Reporting platforms are powerful tools used to create high-level reports and data visualizations. These offer further insight into the data you gather and helps you put it to work for your users. By creating better reports, you can re-imagine your data and help users find patterns, establish relationships, and track spending.


Here are four easy ways you can build better reports for your facilities:

1.      Personalize Reports

It’s easy for facility managers to simply dump all their data into one big report, using information they don’t actually need to see. That’s why it’s important to start personalizing your reports by creating them using only the data you really want to analyze. With MicroMain’s Advanced Reporting tools, you can easily customize every report you build based on the data you want to see, and remove extra data you don’t need.

2.      Use Sliding Dates to Increase Efficiency

Do you ever wish you could use reports over again, or re-customize them with more ease? If you use sliding dates, you can! Using a “sliding dates” option when building your reports allows you to select different data ranges to re-use reports and create new reports for monthly or quarterly data sets, and use them over and over again as necessary.

3.      Improve How You Filter Property Data

If you want to find the statuses of all work orders placed with one administrative office in particular, you can now filter and find that information with MicroMain software. You can group properties to see a snapshot of how you’re doing for the quarter or the year and view work orders by their status: completed, on hold, open, and requested. The “distinct count” option is also available to help you view the status of all orders and how many have been completed in total.

4.      Convert Reports into Easy-To-Read Graphs

No one likes seeing a ton of numbers in a spreadsheet where it’s difficult to discern what’s important and what’s not. That’s where graphs and charts come in! Improve how you analyze your data by using a bar graph, line graph, pie chart, curved line, scatter plot, heatmap, or gauge. With MicroMain, you can even design tables and graphs and have them mail out on an automatic schedule!


If you want to find out how to incorporate these strategies into building your facility reports, MicroMain can help with our new Advanced Reporting feature. Whether you’re using our SaaS platform or MM Classic, Advanced Reporting allows you to look deeper into your data to find trends and improve overall maintenance practices. If you’re interested in learning more about Advanced Reporting, get in touch with MicroMain today.



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