Advanced Reporting

Our advanced reporting platform is a powerful tool used to create high-level reports and visualizations. Get further insight into the data you gather and put it to work for your users. Creating high-level reports and visualizations allows you to re-imagine your data, and helps users find patterns, establish relationships, and track spending, which in turn, will help your organization save effort, time and money.


Our new advanced reporting feature allows users to create their own data sets, build their own visuals, design their own reports, and customize pre-determined data sets based on industry standards. MicroMain’s advanced reporting allows you to look into your data to find trends and improve your maintenance practices.


  • Space for deeper analysis of data collected throughout Maintenance
  • Generate data sets of value by streamlining your reporting process
  • Easily filter through your data
  • Represent your data in more relevant and meaningful ways
  • Create easy-to-read visuals of your data
  • Easily compare and contrast tables, charts, and graphs
  • Take advantage of pre-determined, industry specific, data sets
  • Save effort, time, and money by accurately tracking your maintenance facilities