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Leveraging The Internet of Things With Your CMMS

IoT cmms

Over the last few years, you might have begun to hear whispers about the “Internet of Things”, or IoT for short. This is a new category of device that is split into two segments: the first makes existing “dumb” equipment and appliances into “smart” versions of themselves, capable of connecting to the internet and being controlled remotely or providing feedback to you in some way- turning on your old-fashioned coffee pot via your smartphone while still in bed, or using a camera in your refrigerator during your trip to the grocery store to see how much butter you have left, for example.

The second segment is comprised of specialized devices that either collect data (think temperature or pressure sensors) or are triggers for other devices (think motion detectors that let your IoT lights know they should turn on when you enter a room.) For most companies, not all assets are monitored at all times. HVAC and plumbing systems, for example, are stuffed in attics and inside of walls, creating unfortunate surprises when pipes burst or your heating shuts off in the middle of the winter.

That’s Where The Internet of Things Comes In

Since most IoT sensors are relatively cheap considering they only serve one purpose, they’re the perfect complement to your CMMS system. By purchasing a handful of different types of sensor, you’ll be able to monitor things like the temperature of your robotic assembly machines or the pressure of the oil inside of them.

These sensors give you valuable feedback that can alert you to problems in their earliest stages of development. And because they’re constantly feeding data back to you, you can collect this information and store it as part of the asset in your CMMS, allowing for quick notes on what proper operation should look like. This data is also extremely useful for developing progress or maintenance reports, as it can be exported alongside the surface-level information your technicians usually log during repairs or maintenance.

Never Be Left In The Dark

Utilizing the IoT isn’t for everyone, but can be a game changer for maintenance crews who don’t have time to monitor every assets operation at all times of the day. By focusing only on the problems reported by your IoT devices, you save valuable time, money, labor, and parts that would otherwise be wasted on non-issues.

Make Sure Your CMMS is Powered by MicroMain

Of course, none of this will be useful if you don’t have a good CMMS to help organize all of this info into actionable items. MicroMain’s CMMS makes it easy to add additional information on proper operation of assets, as well as append additional data to analytics reports if you need more detail in your documents. Ready to take the leap with the IoT and CMMS? Learn more about our industry leading CMMS software today!



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