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Don’t Get Tripped Up By Fall- Prepare With Your CMMS


Fall officially kicked off on Sunday, and you know what that means…everything pumpkin spice is back! What it also means, however, is that maintenance issues unique to the dropping temperatures and changing scenery will begin to creep back into your operations. Today, we’ll be looking at a couple of the special issues that come along with the fall season.

Assets Icing Over

With colder weather comes the potential for machinery and assets left out outside overnight to ice over, potentially damaging sensitive electronics or rendering mechanics inoperable. If possible, make sure you can bring any equipment indoors to prevent ice from doing damage as much as possible.

Fallen Leaves

While kids are jumping in piles of fall leaves, they’re wreaking havoc on your maintenance operations. Okay, maybe not havoc, but they bring their own set of problems. Wet leaves present a slip, trip, and fall hazard to your workers, and piles of leaves are the perfect place for rats and other animals to conveniently nest in. If any of your buildings are open to the air and have leaves blown into them regularly, make sure you clean them up on a regular basis.

Bursting Pipes

Coming into work only to find half of your warehouse flooded on a frigid Monday morning is one of the worst feelings you can have as a business owner. Installing proper insulation, either when your building is being constructed (if you have that luxury) or early, before the issue has a chance to set in, could be the difference between thousands of dollars of costly plumbing repairs, not to mention the future issue of possible water damage.

Be prepared for the coming season with MicroMain’s CMMS. We have the software you need to keep your business from falling apart- literally. If you want to make sure you’re ready for anything that nature can throw at you this year, schedule a free demo with us!



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