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CMMS vs. EAM | The Difference, And Which One You Need


CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software has dominated the maintenance operations scene ever since the first programs appeared back in the early 1990’s. Made to replace manual, paper-and-pen systems, CMMS software is the go-to for companies looking to replace their antiquated methods of tracking and completing work orders with a system built for both ease and power.

But should it be? The past decade has seen rise to a new type of software, called EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), which has grown out of CMMS into a different breed of maintenance management software. The only problem is…what’s the difference? And most importantly…

Which one do you need?

Today, we’re tackling this question and breaking it down, once and for all.

What’s The Difference?

EAM is a type of CMMS that can focus on more steps of an asset’s life cycle across multiple locations and users. Not only can it handle work orders, manage inventory, track costs, and generate reports, it can better handle historical maintenance records of assets for better reporting and financial planning than a more traditional CMMS can.
Not only that, but it can typically venture beyond preventive maintenance- something CMMS software is fantastic at handling and planning for your business- and take it one step further with predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance (which we’ve written about extensively in the past) constantly monitors machinery and how well they’re operating, with pre-set conditions already in place. If they fall below these operating conditions, an alert will be sent to your EAM that the part needs service. EAM software can then combine this with preventive maintenance schedules to create the most efficient maintenance schedule around- all automatically.

Finally, EAM can focus better on the workflow of your technicians than a traditional CMMS system can. It takes into account more steps in your technician’s process, making it easier for you to look through the data and determine what steps on your maintenance operations are working- and which ones aren’t.

So…Which One Do I Need?

This question is less clear-cut than how they’re different simply because…you can have both. EAM grew out of CMMS mostly as modules that act as an extension of, not a replacement for, your CMMS. They work in tandem, with your CMMS forming the base of your maintenance system and your EAM acting as the arms that can more precisely track your operations.

No, Really…Which One Do I Need?

Well, it really depends on your operations. If you have multiple locations servicing complex machinery, both a CMMS and an EAM might be a good fit for you. If you’re maintaining one location with more simple assets and machinery, a CMMS will do just fine.

Powerful CMMS/EAM Solutions

Our CMMS/EAS software is the most robust in the industry. On top of all our other powerful CMMS features, we also make it easy to track workers across as many job sites as you can imagine effortlessly. Not only that, but we make it easy to report on and analyze past work orders for any asset you have. If you want to find out more about our CMMS solutions, contact us today to schedule a free demo of our software!



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