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Implementing CMMS Software Can Yield an Astoundingly High ROI


When most people hear that they need to spend money on yet another service that’s supposed to make their jobs better, save them time and money, and generally be a great fit for their company, they gloss over just a little bit.

“Isn’t that what that email automation program was supposed to do? Because I didn’t actually save any money- in fact, all it did was give me a headache!”

While, yes, that email automation software was indeed supposed to save you money, time, and headaches, there was no way of knowing whether it would based on your workflow until you’d paid for it and spent time learning its features and quirks. That’s why MicroMain developed an exclusive, free ROI Calculator!

What It Is

Our ROI calculator was designed to take your workflow into account. We take several factors of your maintenance operations, including how many workers you have, how long they work, and what they’re paid, combine it with your asset inventory costs, and determine how many CMMS licences you’ll need. We do some money math and voilà! We give you your estimated one-year and three-year savings, as well as your seven-year ROI. And best of all, this calculator is completely free for you to use, play around with, and determine what the best setup would be if you were in the market for a CMMS.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s super simple. Just go to our ROI calculator and complete the simple form. That’s it. And the best part is it’s free!

So What Do I Do After Filling It Out?

I’m glad you asked! After filling everything out, you’ll be given the option to set up a quick demo with one of our CMMS experts to discuss your savings and find out how we can get you rolling with a brand new maintenance management system.



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