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5 Keys to CMMS Success

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It’s a good idea to regularly review your CMMS to ensure that you are getting everything you need from your software tool. Here’s a helpful checklist to use.

1. Is your CMMS capable of adaptation?

Your CMMS wasn’t designed specifically for your organization – but it should feel like it was. Is your software flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs? Invariably, your organization will grow and evolve – and your CMMS needs to be flexible enough to keep pace.

2. Does your vendor provide prompt, effective support?

Like a good friend, you should be able to rely on your CMMS vendor when you need help. Can you submit support requests online? Is live chat provided? Are responses and solutions delivered in a timely way?

3. Does your CMMS have web request functionality?

Many industries find 24/7 web request capabilities can be downright essential. Web requests reduce incoming calls and emails, while dramatically improving customer satisfaction. The result: you can provide faster, more efficient maintenance.

4. Can your CMMS communicate with other software?

A “siloed” CMMS is one that exists in its own universe, unable to communicate with other software. A good CMMS solution should have functionality to connect with Microsoft Active Directory (to avoid creating separate username/logins), have the ability to plug into an email client like Microsoft Outlook, and be compatible with your facility management software.

5. Does your CMMS support mobile technology?

Mobile tools free your team from the desktop. Since your maintenance team performs the vast majority of their work in the field, mobile tools significantly increase productivity by providing access to the software on-site, where the work is being performed.

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