Mobile CMMS

Get instant mobile access to your MicroMain Maintenance database with our mobile maintenance management solution.

With MicroMain Mobile, technicians can create, retrieve, update, and close work orders from anywhere. Use a smartphone or other Internet enabled device to access your MicroMain Maintenance database in real-time. Heading to a job site? Bring your CMMS with you.

Save Time

MicroMain Mobile gives you and your staff the power to manage work orders anytime, anyplace. Instant access to work orders provides your technicians the freedom to prioritize work orders based on location, saving your organization time and money.
Since everything is updated in real-time, there is no need for technicians to return on-site to sync their device or pick up change requests. You’ll save time by:

  • Having work orders instantly displayed on your device
  • Allowing techs to pick up unassigned work orders
  • Reducing downtime or drive time
  • Enabling techs to bundle services from multiple work orders

Prioritize with the Dashboard

The ability to view maintenance operations with Mobile Dashboard helps technicians look ahead so they can prioritize and arrange work more efficiently. In addition to the dashboard, Mobile lets you assess your operations by:

  • Viewing work on a calendar view for day, week, or month
  • Allowing techs to pick up unassigned work orders
  • Filtering work orders by property, shop, or labor
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Increase Accuracy

MicroMain Mobile users are able to add specific details to a work order from the job site, increasing the accuracy and timeliness of the information being added to the maintenance database. From anywhere, technicians are able to:

  • Create, modify, and close work orders
  • Record time worked, for one or more technicians
  • Add parts to work orders
  • Record meter readings
  • Perform inspection points

MicroMain Mobile CMMS

Take your maintenance on the go with our industry leading mobile CMMS solutions. Learn more about all the powerful features our CMMS software offers!