Summertime, and Preventive Maintenance Has Never Been So Easy

It’s time to break out the surfboard and ride the wave of PMs! That’s right, both summer and preventive maintenance will be radical saving you time, money, and stress! Let the only downtime you experience this summer be on vacation.

PM 2.0 Rides In to Kick Off the Summer!

Here’s the highlight reel of preventive maintenance system benefits.

Robust Work Orders, Triggers, and Schedules

With PM 2.0, you can have multiple service orders on multiple assets with multiple schedules…all in a single work order. This means you’ll be able to schedule oil changes based on uptime, part replacements based on condition triggers, and plan downtime for the same asset under one robust PM plan. Talk about an upgrade!

Meter-Based PMs

If you have an asset that needs maintenance based off of a meter reading, like a car’s odometer or the number of hours a part has been in service, you can now set a preventive maintenance schedule based on these parameters.

PM Calendar Forecasting

Our CMMS now has a calendar view that auto-populates preventive maintenance work orders based on a number of criteria you set when creating your assets without any additional input needed.

Holiday Rescheduling and Forecasting

Does a PM work order fall on a holiday? With holiday rescheduling, you can chose to move that work order forward or back a day, allowing you enjoy your well-deserved time off without interruption or worry.

All of this (and a few other added goodies) are now live for our cloud-based CMMS! If you’d like to see all of these amazing new features at work, book a free demo today.