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Keep Duplicate Tasks Out of Your CMMS With A Gatekeeper


Having a gatekeeper for your work orders can be an invaluable tool in keeping your maintenance operations moving along smoothly. By eliminating the need to sift through legitimate work orders and duplicate ones, you’ll streamline your operations and keep confusion to a minimum.

So what do gatekeepers do, exactly? Gatekeepers will review and parse through each work order that comes into your CMMS to make sure none of them are orders to repair the same thing. If there’s a piece of machinery that fails, a part that breaks, or even just a buzzing fluorescent light overhead, there’s a chance that multiple workers will notice this separately of each other. They’ll all head to the nearest computer and put in a request to have the equipment/part/light looked at by maintenance.

Meanwhile, fourteen work orders have just announced that they need immediate attention- and they’re all for the same thing.

This might not sound like an issue, but it can severely degrade the usefulness of your CMMS. Having redundant work orders can inflate valuable trackable metrics and make them meaningless. You’ll constantly be removing or resolving these work orders, spending unnecessary and avoidable time on resolving them.

Keeping your CMMS lean and free of clutter can be one of the easiest ways to make sure that you’re only tracking what needs to be tracked. MicroMain’s CMMS can help you recognize when multiple work orders are created for the same maintenance item. If you’d like more information into how our CMMS can help streamline and simplify your maintenance operations, contact us for a free demo with a trained MicroMain CMMS professional.



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