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Why SSO is So Awesome For Your Business


Over the last decade, the internet has seen the rise of SSO, or single sign-on. SSO is a method of logging into websites and computer programs with one account username and password that a user chooses. Google and Facebook are very popular SSO options; you’ve probably seen buttons encouraging you to use your account credentials from these services when signing up for a completely unrelated website account. This makes signing up for and into accounts easier, as you only need to know one password for every service. But why, apart from the obvious ease of remembering one password, would you want to do this?

SSO Improves Security

The largest benefit comes from security. When logging into a service with SSO, the login attempt passes through a special SSO identification server before logging into said service. This ensures that your password is always handled safely and securely rather than being open to interception or theft from less secure websites. And in the instance that an account is compromised, there’s only one password/account that needs to be changed and secured again without traveling to dozens of sites to change the same password.

But what if you’re employees use different passwords for every service? Well…

SSO Boosts Productivity

When not using SSO, your employees should have different, complex passwords for each service they use. But this can often lead to frustration and headache, as there’s an excellent chance they’ll needs to constantly log in and out of a computer and need to enter these passwords again and again. This can be a pain, and involve wasted time carrying around a log of all their passwords (which is a major security concern in itself), finding the password they need, and entering it to log in.

SSO Reduces Configuration Time

By paring down the number of accounts your employees need to know to just one, you’ll keep all of their settings and permissions in one place to effortlessly sync across any application they use. Not only does this make it easy to move between locations, it makes it easy to get employees set up on new services with minimum customization and effort on your behalf.

There’s A Better Way!

Why are we telling you all of this? Because MicroMain’s CMMS now supports SSO, of course! Along with our new PM 2.0 update, we added the ability to log in with one set of credentials, improving workflow and security in one fell swoop. If you’d like to find out more about how our CMMS can make your company and safer, more productive space, you can book a free demo today!



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