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One of the Best Tools In Maintenance: Inspection Points

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Inspection points are one of the best tools any maintenance worker could have. Not only are they essential to knowing when assets need to be maintained, they’re excellent for constantly evaluating the performance and condition of your assets.

Let’s use an example. You’ve decided to open up a cotton candy shop in the heart of New York City. Profits are thin, and renting the storefront is quite expensive. There’s no room for unnecessary maintenance on your cotton candy making machines, but you’re not sure exactly when you should worry about them.

Inspection Points Can Solve Your Problem

Inspection points allow you to carry out inspections based on common factors, including how long the machine has been operating, the quality of the cotton candy it’s making, the amount it’s making over a period of time, or any other criteria you deem useful. These inspection points allow you to constantly monitor how your cotton candy machine is running, so you’ll know when problems begin to form. With this information at hand, you can make more informed and timely decisions, saving yourself from unnecessary costs and downtime.

Inspection points can be spread across multiple assets, as well. If there are multiple cotton candy machines, or if you have other equipment like mixers, cash registers, refrigerators, or even cotton candy ingredients, you can monitor their status, age, and performance to make sure there’s never an unforeseen problem or issue. You’ll know when machines were last serviced, how they were serviced, and can manage these as new inspection points to ensure that your repairs hold up over time.

The Best Way to Manage Inspection Points

While you could keep a spreadsheet manually tracking all kinds of inspection points, there’s a better way to automatically keep everything up-to-date. A CMMS is perfect for keeping tabs on every asset you have, along with any inspection points you’d like to track. Every metric will update automatically, giving you the best possible insight into how to best maintain your machines. To learn more about how a CMMS can help your business, contact us for a free demo today!

With this powerful new tool at your disposal, you can ensure that the city of New York never runs out of fluffy, sugary goodness.



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