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Maximize Your Maintenance – Batch Work Orders and Inventory Alerts

multiple work orders

Feeling overwhelmed and under-informed about your business is a sickening feeling. Anxiety takes over your decisions, and uncertainty starts to creep into your everyday work. How is your business supposed to be successful when the helmsman doesn’t know which way to steer the ship?

Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to mitigate the guesswork and get your company headed in a stable direction. And two of these steps- batch work orders and inventory alerts- can be extremely efficient and useful tools to get there.

Batch Work Orders and Inventory Alerts

While batch work orders might not sound incredibly useful, they can be key in saving some serious time and money, Allowing a technician to start working on multiple work orders at once negates the need to do one task at a time on any given machine. If there are multiple problems with any given piece of equipment, your worker can repair everything in one clean sweep rather than constantly returning to a terminal to mark one problem solved and to begin work on another job.

It’s a small change, but like most small changes, it adds up to a large change over time. Minutes spent marking work orders as complete for the same job adds up to hundreds of hours a year of wasted time and stress.

Another small, but incredibly useful tool is inventory alerts. Inventory alerts track your assets, what parts you use most often, when you use them, how you use them, and alert you when your stock on one of these parts starts running low. These alerts allow you to take the guesswork out of how much of each part to order and gives you valuable data points on how your business uses your asset inventory. With this information, you can make figure out how to best manage your budget and supplies.

That’s Where A CMMS Comes In

CMMS software can help manage everything, from multiple work orders to inventory alerts. Everything is consolidated in one place, allowing for easy processing of data and asset cost tracking. A CMMS is a worthwhile investment that will help save you time and energy- and get that ship back on track. To find out how a CMMS can help your business, contact us for a free demo today!



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