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It’s Time to Rethink Task Delegation With CMMS

Collaboration through delegation with cloud CMMS

Delegating work orders among your technicians can be challenging sometimes. Different work requires the best-skilled technician for the job, and there’s rarely any time to change things once they’ve gotten rolling.

Your three technicians, Steve, Craig, and Persimmon, are out on the job, when five new work orders come in. You have more faith in Craig and Persimmon to complete them, so do you call them up individually and have them take notes? Or call them back to the office to receive a copy of the order? What do you do with Steve in the meantime?

The most effective strategy is to employ a cloud CMMS software strategy with your team. There are a multitude of advantages to using a Cloud-based CMMS, and we’re going to go through just a few of them.

Rethinking Task Delegation With Cloud CMMS

Typical task delegation requires extensive planning. After working out the specifics of what work needs to be done each day, you have to decide which of your maintenance workers would be best to complete each work order. Sometimes it’s easy and each skill set is well utilized, but sometimes you’re left with only one technician suited for the bulk of the work.

Cloud CMMS helps alleviate this pressure allows you to assign work orders flexibly and quickly, without wasting time on tracking technicians down. Gone are the days when changing work order responsibility required contacting every team member to let them know- new orders can also be quickly assigned, changed, or re-routed on the fly, allowing for greater efficiency.

Your workers can also add notes and give feedback while on the job site, eliminating the need to trek back to the front office. Collaboration is a key feature that can smooth out many issues in the maintenance process. On top of this, you can use this information to better analyze performance after job completion and make better management decisions going forward.

All of this adds up to plenty of saved time, energy, and money, and allows you to focus on other tasks and spend less time worrying about getting work done. This way, Persimmon can fix the plumbing, Craig can replace those radiators, and Steve…well, Steve can go get donuts for the crew.

To find out how cloud CMMS can help your Steve be the best technician he can be, feel free to contact us for a free demo.



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