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Why You Need A Mobile CMMS For Your Business

Using Mobile CMMS

Mobile devices have become a centerpiece of our daily lives. Whether it be keeping in touch with loved ones, planning out our week, or just watching cat videos at lunch, there’s no place we don’t use some kind of portable electronic. Despite this revolution in our personal lives, however, we continue to be tied to desktop computers for doing serious work…until now.

What Does A Mobile CMMS Look Like?

Desktop CMMS is the heartbeat of any maintenance operation, tracking every metric of a businesses’ assets, expenses, schedules, and reporting. With a mobile CMMS, you’d expect a watered-down mess missing crucial features and a design from 1999.

Most CMMS software has been built from the ground-up with mobile in mind. For example, we’ve designed our mobile software to be easy to use, from creating new work orders to reporting on completed ones mobile first. It has all of the features of our desktop application, but designed with the versatility of operation from any mobile device, leaving you with a happy boss and completed work orders.

While that all sounds great on paper, what exactly does it mean for day-to-day use?

What A Mobile CMMS Means For Day-to-Day Use

Mobile CMMS is perfect for anyone completing work in the field. With a mobile CMMS, you can check on work orders from anywhere at any time, along with special instructions or notes. You can collaborate quickly with HQ, asking questions or changing directions whenever the need arises. Constantly running back and forth from a central point to mark orders completed and leave notes also falls by the wayside, allowing work orders to be completed in rapid succession and in one sweep. On top of this, you have access to the entire history of work orders, as well as schedules for both you and your machinery.

Become CMMS Mobile and Get Work Done

MicroMain’s CMMS is the perfect companion to any technician out in the field. With powerful tools and flexible reporting, you’ll know for sure when and how your maintenance is being completed. To learn more about how CMMS can help your company (or to say hi!) you can contact us anytime.



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