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How To Successfully Implement Your CMMS


So you’ve decided that a CMMS is right for your business- and you’re ready to get started! You do your research, find the perfect choice, and purchase it. You open it up, ready to revolutionize your maintenance operations, and…realize that you’re going to need some guidance.

Depending on the size of your business, setting up a CMMS can be a huge task. How best do you go about implementing it in the best way for what you need? Here are some ideas as to where to start.

Determine What You Need

If you’re a small business, chances are you’re not going to need a lot of fancy, glamourous features. You might just need work order management and advanced reporting for your metrics. Don’t over-complicate things- determine what you need, and learn this first.

Set Consistent Naming Guidelines

We’ve already written about how setting consistent naming can help keep your CMMS understandable, but it’s important to stress again. Make sure you create a guide in advance and stick to it. Your technicians, your boss and your time will all thank you for it.

View Help Documentation and Attend Training

Every CMMS should have a robust and thorough help center, easily accessible to answer any questions you might have regarding how to work your new software. If having someone walk you through things step-by-step is more your style, in-person or on-site training with an expert CMMS professional should also be available to help you maximize the effectiveness of your CMMS for you and your company.

Ask For On-going Help From Support

You’ve learned how to use the software, have entered in your assets, and…something’s wrong. Your work orders aren’t auto-populating correctly. What gives? What you need is strong customer support, ready and willing to help! A quick call or email should be all you need to help identify your problem and fix it, whether it be through verbal instructions or (better yet) allowing tech support to remote into your CMMS and fix it for you. Now that’s customer service!

And The Best Yet…Let MicroMain Help!

Regardless of how you implement your CMMS, make sure it’s with MicroMain! Our CMMS is as flexible as you need, giving you both the basics built-in and advanced modules for larger operations. We’ve also got excellent training, both at our headquarters in Austin, Texas and through our traveling training staff, available to travel anywhere you need and guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know to implement your CMMS seamlessly. If you’re ready to start your CMMS journey, schedule a free demo with one of our MicroMain professionals today!



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