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Get Creative To Implement A CMMS Into Your Business


Sometimes, your CMMS needs aren’t exactly cookie-cutter. You might need a way to track work orders, inventory, and costs, but the way you need it done doesn’t seem to fit how a CMMS handles maintenance. Fortunately, getting creative with how you go about using a CMMS can give you all of the benefits of a CMMS combined with the flexibility that you need for a successful implementation. Here are just a few ways we’ve seen companies use our CMMS.

Creating “Pods”

Try grouping tools and parts into “pods”. If your business relies heavily on trucks or vehicles that have tools and parts in them, you can create pods. Each vehicle will be a pod and listed as an asset. Under each of these assets, you can assign the tools and parts associated with them. This way, if you ever need to send a vehicle out for a repair, you’ll know what each pod has and how far it’s located from where it needs to be.

Locations As Assets

In a similar way, you can use locations as assets. By using locations as assets, you can manage your parts and tools in much the same way as pods, but without the added need to track their location. You’ll always know where they are, and can still track equipment that moves between locations. Better yet, all other features- including cost tracking and reporting- can be adapted to make sure your reports tell you exactly what you need to know by swapping costs for inventory counts or locations.

Need Your CMMS Implemented Another Way?

Should you need some help determining if you can adapt your operations to a CMMS, MicroMain is here to help! Our dedicated team of trainers and implementation staff has seen it all- and can help with implementing any solution you might need. If you’re interested in getting your business CMMS-friendly, contact us today for a free demo and to answer any questions you might have.



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