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MicroMain Participates in COBIE Challenge

MicroMain Corporation, a leading provider of asset and facility management software and services, today announced its participation in the COBIE Challenge. The Challenge will take place during the scheduled meeting of the National Institute of Building Science’s Facility Maintenance and Operating Committee at the National Facilities Management & Technology Conference and Expo held March 10-12, 2009 in Baltimore.

COBIE—Construction Operations Building Information Exchange)—is an open-standard format for the exchange of the equipment lists, replacement parts, warranties, test reports, preventive maintenance schedules and other information currently delivered to facility managers. COBIE organizes and delivers this information to the facility manager’s software tools to eliminate recreation of this data via post-construction “job crawls”. The software tools include computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) and computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software, both of which are provided by MicroMain Corporation.

The COBIE Challenge will bring together software vendors that support the COBIE format for exchanging data, eliminating recreation of designer and submittal data, eliminating operations and maintenance manuals, and eliminating paper documents related to COBIE data. During the COBIE Challenge, MicroMain will demonstrate its ability to import COBIE data.

COBIE data related to CMMS and CAFM software includes buildings, floors, rooms, room types, and room sizes. Additional data for import includes equipment make, model, and serial numbers. “MicroMain was one of the first vendors participating in the consortium developing COBIE,” said Pat Conroy, President of MicroMain. “We are very interested in providing an easy way to import post-construction building data into our CMMS and CAFM software. This will not only save time but also result in significant savings for facility managers.”



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