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7½ New Features in Maintenance 7.5

The version number of our newly-released CMMS software is 7.5. So we thought it’d be fitting to put together list of 7½ reasons why getting our latest CMMS is worth your while. (Just don’t think too hard about what constitutes ½ a reason.)

MicroMain always supports previous versions of its CMMS software, giving our customers the freedom to stick with their existing maintenance management solution — or upgrade to something new. Maintenance 7.5 gives users more options and more features than ever before. The new release is split into several variations, with the most popular being Maintenance Premium. Here are just a few more reasons some of our customers have already taken the plunge.

1) New Look and Feel

Maintenance Management Premium 7.5

Maintenance 7.5 was redesigned with a new interface to make navigation even more intuitive. Now it’s easier to jump from one form to another, and our menu organization has been given an overhaul so that users can find what they need more efficiently. Maintenance 7.5 is easier, cleaner, and faster than previous versions of our software.

2) Centralized Options

Our new one-stop location for program options puts you in control of your CMMS. From the new program options menu, you can set starting forms, define filter defaults, specify viewable pages, and much more.

3) Control Center

MicroMain Control Center is the new configuration component of MicroMain Maintenance 7.5. The application makes it possible to manage permissions and options for users of Maintenance, Web Request, and Mobile. With Control Center, your staff will see only the forms and screens most important to you, increasing security and streamlining the workflow of your technicians.

4) Exciting New Additions

As with any new release of MicroMain Maintenance, 7.5 has a few new tricks up its sleeves. These aren’t mere bells and whistles, either. The end goal is to simplify maintenance management and save our users valuable time. New features include:

Transfer Parts makes changing part locations a breeze
New Work Order Notes for communicating with staff and requesters
Work order lead time (work order start date and due date fields)
Easily access forms for Groups and Subgroups, Maintenance Types, and Maintenance Priorities
Additional management of inventory locations and levels

5) Easier to Use

We at MicroMain believe that a CMMS should be easy to use, and Maintenance 7.5 puts that design philosophy into full effect with improved navigation, simplified controls, and streamlined options. Real-time preview windows of selected work orders and tasks gives you instant insight into the maintenance needs of your organization.

6) Compatible With Newest Ad-Ons

Some of our most exciting development is taking place with our CMMS ad-ons modules, and only MicroMain Maintenance 7.5 can take advantage of these new ad-on features. The latest release of Mobile includes support for Inspection Points, an option for domain authentication, and more. Web Request now offers new navigation shortcuts, SSL Email Configuration, and an option to send to multiple email accounts.

7) Faster Than Ever

Maintenance 7.5 is not just easier to use and more feature-rich, it has improved speed and all-around performance. Our customers have reported faster load times and increase reliability. This allows users to spend less time on their computer and more time accomplishing maintenance.

7 ½) MicroMain Has Your Back

Beyond providing the most user-friendly CMMS experience possible, MicroMain is committed to exceeding the needs of our customers with world-class services and support. Our new Customer Support Portal lets us address the troubleshooting needs of our users more effectively. If you encounter any obstacles with your software upgrade, need assistance with a customization, or want to take advantage of our training services for your newly-hired staff, MicroMain has your back.



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