Using CMMS Systems For Customer Feedback

The importance of customer reviews and feedback in today’s business and media landscape can’t be overstated. Sites like Yelp or Angie’s List can show a negative review, resulting in a PR nightmare. Having an easy, built-in mechanism to address customer feedback in your CMMS system is a great front-line way to listen to your tenants, customers or anyone who requests work orders and maintenance.


MicroMain Maintenance Management allows you to print surveys related to work orders in several easy steps.


Work Order Survey


Access the Work Orders screen.


Using Work Order Surveys


After opening a Work Order, click on the “Customer Service” button in the top.



Select “Customer Survey” as the print option. Then select the “Print Preview” button.


Customer Survey


The Technician can now print and leave the survey with the requestor to fill out and turn in as instructed or return to to the Technician.



The information from survey is then entered into the system and linked to the work order.


Get Started


Learn more about using surveys or MicroMain products, contact a MicroMain expert.