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Preventive Maintenance ROI

What happens to your ROI, or Return on Investment, when you put out a fire that should have been easily prevented? A proper CMMS / EAM software can help with alleviating cost that affect your bottom line.

While most would agree that proper preventive maintenance will help extend the life of equipment and reduce downtime, what isn’t always so clear to many companies is how the cost of preventive maintenance will benefit a company’s bottom line. What is the ROI of preventive maintenance and how can it be measured? Jones Lang LaSalle partnered with a large telecommunications firm to answer these questions, and the results from the study were shocking. Preventive maintenance resulted in an astounding 545% return on investment. The following article explains how this study was conducted and the details of its findings.

Read more about the preventive maintenance study. MicroMain has a CMMS ROI calculator tool that systematically calculates how much a business or organization can save with a CMMS software. Find out the ROI your business should be experiencing.

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