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Who Owns Your CMMS Data?

In the digital era, the issue of who owns your data is critical. And since there’s no convention, companies sometimes have radically different philosophies regarding data ownership. For example, Facebook has drawn fire for not allowing users to easily export their information.

On the other hand, Google is renowned for it’s openness, spearheading what they call the Data Liberation Front. Their three central questions to ask before putting data into something are:

  • Can I get my data out in an open, interoperable, portable format?
  • How much is it going to cost to get my data out?
  • How much of my time is it going to take to get my data out?

The issue of data freedom goes beyond the realm of the Internet. CMMS programs can have very different definitions over who controls the data, especially if the program is web-based. A good, customer-centric CMMS lets you export data to excel docs, and migrate your data from one platform to another without hassle. Having you information trapped in a server somewhere could be a nightmare.

We at MicroMain take the philosophical stance that our users own their data — and one of our goals is to make that data accessible.

Export Data

Just click the Export to Excel button from a report, and your information becomes accessible in a portable, modular, easy-to-use format. If for some reason you switch programs, your database can be sent to you.

MicroMain can also help get your raw data into our software with our comprehensive data services. Your Excel spreadsheets or tables from previous programs can have a new place to call home.

With MicroMain, the answer to “who owns your data?” is easy. It’s you!



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