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Next-Level Reliability: Maintenance Solutions Beyond SAP and Oracle ERPs

Advanced maintenance system

Keeping your equipment in top shape relies on preventive maintenance, which helps boost efficiency and avoid unexpected breakdowns. Instead of constantly dealing with emergencies, preventive maintenance puts you in control, allowing you to stay ahead of potential problems. The more you can prevent and predict, the higher your throughput in production and the higher your EBITDA is at the end of the year. 

Neglecting Maintenance Teams in ERP Implementation

The problem that many organizations face is that maintenance, facility, manufacturing engineering, and reliability teams are often overlooked when an organization is implementing a new ERP.  

We often hear that people are unhappy with a maintenance module that is part of their ERP. ERP’s that IT, Continuous Improvement, or “Corporate” mandated to use. 

It’s quite often that Maintenance is left out of the conversations. We’ve even heard folks just feel like they have no choice in the matter. That’s a whole other problem. 

The main problem is that ERP maintenance modules aren’t built for maintenance teams. ERP’s are built for accountants. 

This leaves out capabilities to develop the necessary workflows to drive Reliability strategies like the CMRP-defined MTTR, MDT, MTBF, and MTTF. Without the deep functions only a CMMS offers, a company using only an ERP for maintenance and reliability can leave a lot on the table. 

Accountants don’t use maintenance software – so why do Maintenance teams have to use accounting software like ERPs? We’re still racking our brains on this one. 

Enhancing Maintenance Operations with Specialized Software

Many maintenance teams struggle with outdated tools and software. Often, companies push for using large ERP systems like SAP PM, JDE / JDEdwards or Oracle, to create centralized data for reports. But, these systems can fall short for specific maintenance tasks. This is where specialized maintenance software, such as MicroMain, comes in. MicroMain can work with ERP, MRP, MES, and other enterprise systems to provide a complete and efficient maintenance solution. 

Ford doesn’t make all of their parts to complete the Ford F-150, yet they make the best-selling truck in America. They rely on qualified vendors to complete their end goal. So why would 1 system, an ERP in this case, work for every unique department for a manufacturer or healthcare system? It can’t. There are too many complexities. 

Tracking costs and keeping detailed repair histories are crucial parts of effective maintenance. For instance, some systems like SAP PM may not provide a user-friendly interface for technicians to use. These are folks that likely have grease on their hands. They want to turn wrenches, not push 30 buttons on a Work Order.

MicroMain: Streamlining Maintenance Operations and Boosting Productivity

This is where we excel. After 33 years in business, providing maintenance software the entire time, we understand the unique needs and ways that you work. This understanding sets us apart. Now, you will never eliminate human error with any software, but making it easy to use is the most critical piece. Aside from this, to save money on maintenance, good preventive maintenance strategies lead to higher productivity, control costs, and better overall efficiency. 

To develop a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan, start by identifying the critical equipment that needs regular attention. Schedule regular inspections to catch issues before they become major problems. Using predictive maintenance techniques and real-time data can help reduce unexpected downtime. Continuously improving these strategies ensures they stay effective over time. 

Using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) like MicroMain can make managing maintenance tasks easier. Some of our clients saved over 75 working hours per week. 

 What could your team do with an extra 75 hours each week? Probably a lot! 

So, if you need a way to organize work orders, track maintenance history, and make better decisions, a CMMS is likely in your future.  

If you are currently trying to explore solutions for this exact scenario, please schedule a demo or email; we would love to help. 

So, let’s recap. Switching from broad ERP systems to specialized maintenance software like MicroMain can boost productivity and control costs. These specialized CMMS systems excel at delivering for the end user which strengthens CMMS data for detailed cost tracking and tools like MicroMain integrate smoothly with existing ERP systems. By putting these preventive maintenance strategies into practice, productivity can increase, and equipment can run more smoothly.  

This means less downtime and more efficient operations. If you need help, contact us! 



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