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Mobile CMMS Use Decreases Paper Consumption

More and more companies are struggling to encourage a need-based paper consumption system. Achieving a “paperless office” is becoming a priority for those who strive for an updated, efficient and cost effective way of conducting business.

According to a study done by CompTIA, “four out of five firms say becoming a “paperless office” is a priority for them.” Printing endless amounts of paper has become the reality of any business office in order to achieve day-to-day operations.

“CompTIA surveyed over 400 IT and business executives involved in print and document management for their companies. Firms give high marks for printing functionality, but many would like to see improvements in the area of maintenance and management to achieve greater uptime rates.”

Although managed print services can greatly reduce the amount of paper consumption within an office, there is also another alternative, especially for your maintenance department: MicroMain Mobile.

Mobile CMMS Software Phone

With our Web Request and Mobile, your Maintenance Management databases can be accessed and edited through smartphones and other Internet-enabled devices. The on-site utilization of a Mobile database allows for time management and a more effective maintenance work flow. A handheld system directly linked to your personal database increases productivity and ensures accurate and up-to-date maintenance records.

Mobile management in conjunction with Maintenance Management is the best alternative to an outdated paper-based system. Some of the most beneficial features of our Mobile module are

  • Create work orders
  • Instantly update work orders
  • Close work orders
  • Record multiple labor on a single work order
  • Add parts to a work order
  • Record meter readings
  • Support for barcode scanning
  • Record inspection data
  • For the full CompTIA article, click here



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