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Maintenance Roundup 2014

A year in review. A look back at some of the top maintenance management articles from 2014.

Designing the Best Maintenance Organization –

If you are looking to improve strategy or reorganize this article is for you. You will learn step by step tips on how to develop plant organization.

7 Essential Steps to Ensure a Successful CMMS/EAM Implementation – Marshall Institute

Effectively implementing your CMMS/EAM is crucial. Here is a checklist to protect your investment.

Automating Maintenance Tasks With a CMMS – Reliable Plant

Want to keep all your machinery in great working condition? Maintenance tasks made easy with automating your CMMS.

Technology Matters for Asset Performance – Maintenance Technology

The use of technology will promote status and effectiveness.

CMMS Cost Justification: How Do You Justify the Purchase of a New CMMS System? –

Looking for a new CMMS? Not sure how to justify the cost to your boss? This article outlines a plan for your solution.

CMMS and Preventative Maintenance –

Learn about Preventative Maintenance activities and how to grow your ROI.

Asset Management: Using Mobile Computing to gain a Competitive Advantage –

Looking to mainstream your maintenance process even more? Mobile Computing could be your answer!

Track Assets and Consumption –

Tracking your assets are vital. It could lead you to a huge savings. Read this.

How to Avoid Becoming Another CMMS Implementation Failure Statistic – CMMSCITY

This article will provide a high level perspective on a few of the key issues that should be a focus as you evaluate, select and prepare to implement a CMMS package.

Known Facts and Myths about CMMS Software Systems – Albany Patch

Investing in a CMMS software is a huge investment. Take a moment to read some facts and myths before purchasing your new CMMS

Three Categories of Mobile Maintenance – Facilities Net

With technology changing daily, CMMS has moved to mobile maintenance. To work quickly and effectively, maintenance and engineering managers are providing technicians with wireless technology for mobile maintenance.

Software to Make Your Workload Easier – Maintenance Care

Preventative Maintenance Software can help run your facility easily and efficiently.

Six Steps to Selecting a CMMS –

Six important steps to selecting the right CMMS for you!

CMMS and Preventative Maintenance –

Learn how preventative maintenance can help with your ROI

Mobile Device Tools Bring Connectivity and Collaboration – Plant Services

Mobilizing business applications so that you can receive information from anywhere

Few Make the Most of Their CMMS – Reliable Plant

How to maximize your time and resources into making your CMMS work for you

The Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of Your CMMS –

Having a great CMMS is key, but the software alone cannot deliver the end result. Read more about the keys to unlocking your CMMS to it’s fullest potential.

Converting Data to a New CMMS Might Not be as Easy as You Think –

Data conversion is important when moving from one system to another. Consider these items when you  are contemplating your data conversion.

CMMS: Technicians Should be Able to Manipulate Data –

This short article examines when data is entered correctly, managers can perform follow-up tasks to make continuous improvements.

Is Your CMMS too Complex – Plant Services

When your CMMS is so advanced focus on the basics!

Can a CMMS/EAM Solution Really Solve All Your Problems? – Reliability Web

A good CMMS saves money and time. But is that all?

Scalability: 4 tips for a Successful Multi-Site Enterprise CMMS – Plant Engineering

Does your CMMS have the ability to grow with the needs of your company?

Top Three Benefits of Mobile Workstations – Facilities Net

Maximize your performance with a mobile workstation

CMMS Captures Critical Data – Marshall Institute

CMMS captures and organizes data crucial to your business.

Defining Asset Management – CMMSCITY

In this article, Asset Management background is expound upon along with the Asset Management model.

Energy Management and the CMMS – Plant Services
Find out if your facility is energy efficient

The SAP EAM/PM Maintenance Myth – CMMSCITY
Read this myth buster about SAP EAM/PM software and if it can provide support for maintenance and reliability work processes.

5 Tips for Large Machinery Maintenance -Reliable Plant
Not only does your CMMS needs maintenance, but so does your large machinery

Delivering Data From the Plant Floor – Plant Engineering
Digital technology brings asset performance information throughout the enterprise

Why Training is Key for CMMS Implementation – Reliable Plant

Proper training for your CMMS implementation is crucial to the success of your organization

Industrial Plant Networks Go Wireless – Plant Services

Going wireless at industrial plants to save time and money

Work Order Execution and Data Capture – CMMSCITY

Execution is an integral part of the work order life cycle

7 Quick Fixes for Manufacturing Problems – Plant Services
Seven solutions to all your manufacturing headaches

Upgrades: What Modules Do You Need? – Facilities Net
Make sure your CMMS is up to date and functioning to it’s fullest potential

10 tips for a Greener, Cleaner Workplace -Today’s Facility Manager
Learn how to create a healthier, greener work environment

12 Ways to Use a Smartphone as a Maintenance Tool – Reliable Plant
12 ways to use your smartphone as a helpful maintenance tool

How to Fall In Love with Health & Safety Inspections -Maintenance Technology
Learn how a plant uses it’s CMMS in the area of compliance

iPhones and Androids: IT Department’s Friends or Foes? -Plant Services
Which smartphone is better for your facility.

Delivering Data from the Plant Floor -Plant Engineering
Find out how to deliver data from the plant floor all the way to the corporate office

6 Ways to improve Manufacturing Quality and Reduce Recalls – Reliable Plant
Tips from the Automotive industry on how to improve quality and reduce recalls

Managing Drug Waste – Health Facility Magazine
Find out the best management practices to safely get rid of drug waste from your health facility

CMMS Software Work Order Coding –
Read more about coding your work orders, and how to be more efficient in doing so.

Challenges in Asset Management and Ways You Can Deal With Them – CMMSCity
A bulleted list on the pros and cons of Asset Management

Discovering Value in CMMS System Integration – Facilities Net
Integrated your CMMS and maximizing its value to your organization

CMMS with OPC Interface Creates Real-Time Savings -Plant Engineering
Get up to date information on OPC servers and how it can lessen breakdowns and get information in real time

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Reliability – Reliability Web
A list of things you can do to improve reliability in your plant, without spending a dime

Word Order Execution and Data Capture – CMMSCITY
Find out about the work order life cycle and how it benefits your organization

Learn How to Manage Campaigns with Your CMMS – Plant Services
Learn how to successfully manage your campaign through careful tracking with your CMMS

Improve Maintenance with the Internet – Reliable Plant
With more faster and reliable networks, your maintenance needs are easier to handle

Do Your Planners Have the Training They Need to be Effective? – Marshall Institute
Make sure your Planners and Schedulers are equipped with the tools they need to succeed

Past, Present and Future of Maintenance – Reliability Web
Maintenance strategy evolves everyday as organizations seek areas to improve performance and decrease costs.



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