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The Maintenance Management Landscape

Maintenance Management

Here at MicroMain, we know that the Maintenance Management industry has been steadily making its way towards implementing fully integrated mobile solutions. Keeping up with the ever-changing ways in which organizations and their employees work, is the driving force behind this shift. There’s been a heavy focus the last few years on mobility and cloud structure because of all the possibilities it offers.

Mobility and Cloud Structure

Working our way from factory floors to office spaces, storage units and beyond, we’ve studied the many advantages of this technology, and have found 4 standout qualities:

  • Speed: It allows a quick input or analysis of the data
  • Location: It can be used anywhere
  • Communication: it allows for fewer response lags, better tracking, and integration
  • Implementation: It can be up and running very quickly

Tech is still taking over…

In the current landscape, these features are now a must and are quickly becoming standard practice. Thanks to these updates, many Maintenance Management solutions are becoming easier and more efficient. But as with any new solution, new considerations arise and should be examined. With the perpetually rising star of SaaS, IoT and the cloud leading the way to the future, business models that formerly relied on traditional product exchange are now becoming obsolete. In today’s market, cloud-only solutions have popped up all over, and regardless of their occasional shortcomings, they show us that tech is still taking over.

As the mobile frontier stakes its claim, it becomes increasingly clear that the next horizon is pointed towards increased automation: How to really make use of the IoT and tailor it to our needs. With more connectivity, analytics, and data consolidation paving the way for the next wave of informed decisions. That’s what will give your company the edge over the competition.

MicroMain has designed a solution which eliminates the most common limitations of Maintenance software and is ready to give your organization the power to make the shift. The time is now, GLOBAL is coming.

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