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Business Intelligence, or BI for short, is the use of software to help turn data into actionable information that can be used to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or help guide any other general business decision for a company. It doesn’t tell customers what direction they should take their business in; that’s still up to the company in question.

BI is more about gathering invaluable insights into trends and possible patterns in your operation that will give you a solid basis for what needs changed and how. With that said, let’s delve into the methods companies use for their BI.

With Dedicated Services

There are plenty of dedicated services that revolve solely around generating reports and helping process data. These services are excellent at doing one thing: using algorithms and your various data points to generate actionable insights. Unfortunately, that’s the extent of these programs; they do nothing more than give you insights. While these BI programs are extremely valuable, their lack of relative usefulness outside of BI makes them great for companies who have the extra resources to devote solely to software that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year just to generate reports. That’s right- all that money just for software that spits out some spreadsheets and graphs.

Want a Better Solution?

Use MicroMain! We’ve spent thousands upon thousands of man hours refining and developing our robust BI tools, built directly into our CMMS software! On top of generating best-in-the-industry BI analytics reports, we handle everything your maintenance could ask for- from work orders to inventory tracking, from predictive maintenance to reporting costs, labor hours, and reports- our CMMS has it all at a price that won’t break your bank. If you’d like more information on what our BI and CMMS can do, contact us to set up a free demo today!



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