Facility Management Version 7.3 Available

A new version of Facility Management is now available!

Facility Management is MicroMain’s complete drawing-based facility management system that helps you manage buildings, assets, and occupants. This new release simplifies the drawing import and management process, allowing you to get more done faster.

Facility Management Screenshot

The new update’s key feature is a brand new drawing import wizard, which takes you step-by-step through the process of importing CAD drawings, layer-by-layer, into your database. It automatically evaluates what’s there and knows what your next steps should be by automatically linking and creating space assets from drawing labels.This is leaps and bounds beyond what’s ever been possible before.

Facility Management Software Screenshot

New tree view layer controls have also been implemented. Now layers can be grouped according to base plan and spaces. This makes it easier to edit and manage only the drawing elements that are important to you.

Facility Management Space Reports

In addition, this version of facility management features new reporting capabilities for business units, including “space class” types and “square footage by business unit.” A business unit is an organization hierarchy arranged by department, group, team, etc. — such as “Human Resources,” “Sales,” and “Marketing.”

We are also pleased to announce that FM 7.3 is now compatible with Microsoft Access 2010 and AutoDesk Design Review 2012.

For more information about this release, call us at 1-888-888-1600 or send us an email.