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3 Ways to Cut Costs and Make Your Facilities More Energy-Efficient

4 Ways to Cut Costs and Make Your Facilities More Energy-Efficient

Did you know that making your facilities more energy-efficient can actually cut a lot of costs in the long run? By creating a few small changes in your facility management processes, you can make big impacts on your business and the environment.

1.    Reduce On-Sight Night Lighting

When your site is at its lowest occupancy rate at night, you can save energy by creating a mode that reduces use of site-lighting around the facilities. Of course, it’s best to keep lights on around the entrances and main drives of the property. Depending on how your facilities are wired and circuited, it could be possible to turn off all lights in certain areas, saving big on lighting costs.

2.    Retrocommission your facilities

RCx measures can often find underlying issues with energy waste that you are unaware of. Diagnosing these issues can oftentimes pay for itself quite quickly. Simple tasks like turning equipment off when not in use, repairing controls out of calibration, and/or repairing insulation, seals, and valves on equipment or systems to eliminate wasted energy can all help immensely when trying to save on energy costs.   

3.    Improve the Efficiency of AC/Ventilation Systems

Summers seem to be getting hotter and hotter, which makes energy demand much higher during those warmer months. By improving the efficiency of your AC and ventilation systems, you can save energy and money in your facilities. Air conditioning systems should have timers fitted to match occupancy patterns, and temperatures don’t need to be cooler than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Finding ways to cut energy costs and become more energy-efficient can make a bigger difference in your facilities than you may realize. If you’re interested in learning how a CAFM system can help you implement these changes, get in touch with MicroMain today.



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