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A CMMS helps you automate and monitor your maintenance tasks

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System (or Software) and is sometimes referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. To better understand what a CMMS is, we will break the term down into each individual component.



Computerized refers to the fact that with a CMMS, your maintenance data is stored on a computer.

This is hardly a surprising concept today. Before the 1980’s, however, maintenance data was generally recorded with a pencil and paper. Because of this, maintenance was largely reactive rather than proactive – maintenance was performed only when something went wrong. Preventive maintenance was less common because it was unrealistic to track which assets needed routine maintenance when all of your asset’s maintenance records were kept in a filing cabinet.

When CMMS solutions came to fruition in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, organizations began to migrate from pencil/paper and to their computers. Suddenly, organizations could track work orders, quickly generate accurate reports, and instantly determine which of their assets required preventive maintenance. This led to extended asset lifespans, improved organization, and ultimately reduced costs and increased profits.


Maintenance is what users of CMMS software do every day, whether it’s responding to an on-demand work order for a broken window or performing routine inspection on a generator.

Computer software cannot accomplish the work of a skilled technician. What it can do, however, is ensure tasks are prioritized correctly and that everything is in place (inventory, labor) to ensure success. CMMS solutions give technicians the freedom to focus less on paperwork and more on hands-on maintenance.


Managing maintenance is the most essential role of a CMMS solution. Maintenance management software is designed to give users immediate insight into the state of his or her maintenance needs with comprehensive work order schedules, accurate inventory forecasts, and instant access to hundreds of invaluable reports. CMMS solutions make maintenance management easier by empowering managers with information so that they can make the most informed decisions possible.


A system can be thought of as the overall combination of features and capabilities within a CMMS. Different CMMS solutions offer different types of systems. The best CMMS system is one that allows users to accomplish his or her existing maintenance practices more effectively while introducing time-saving features that lead to a reduction of costs and a savings of time.

MicroMain’s CMMS solutions make it easy to manage work orders, preventive maintenance tasks, assets, purchase orders, fleet, inventory levels, and more. For a complete breakdown of MicroMain’s CMMS products, consult the CMMS software page.

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Asset-intensive organizations such as property managers, hospitals, and manufacturers use a CMMS to:


Maximize asset lifecycle through inventory management


Conduct preventive maintenance (scheduled maintenance than reduces downtime)


Manage maintenance teams and work orders

Most companies use a "reactive rather than preventive approach to maintenance, and it costs them millions - in some cases billions - of dollars.


The average cost of unplanned downtime Source: REWO

Downtime costs more in some industries than others and is calculated based on the average cost of downtime per minute. Below, we examine the cost of downtime in a small business versus a large enterprise.

Lost Revenue

Cost of downtime for a small business


60 seconds

time elapsed


1 hour

time elapsed

Average cost of downtime for a small business. Source: Carbonite

Lost Revenue

Cost of downtime for an enterprise


60 seconds

time elapsed

(according to 98% of organizations surveyed)


1 second

time elapsed

(according to 81% of organizations surveyed)

Average cost of downtime for enterprises. Source: ITIC

What features does a CMMS have?


Work order management

Request, schedule, assign and track work orders in real-time from your mobile device

Asset Management | MTTR

Asset management

Track the usage and performance of equipment using detailed asset profiles


Preventive maintenance

Schedule automatic maintenance to prevent equipment breakdowns before they happen.


Mobile-first interface

Access your software on any mobile device, designed with a user-friendly interface


Maintenance reporting

See how much time you’re spending on work orders, forecast upcoming expenses and evaluate worker performance.

What are the benefits of a CMMS?

  • Reduce Equipment Downtime
  • Increase Productivity
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Enhance Work Order Management
  • Increase Life of Equipment
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance
  • Improve Inventory Management
  • Generate Custom Reports
  • Make Data Driven Maintenance Decisions
  • Meet Compliance & Safety Standards

Do I need a CMMS?

We serve a range of industries including manufacturing, education, government, healthcare, transportation and more.

If your maintenance team has any of the following problems, a CMMS can help. Raise your hand if this is you !

  • Our maintenance requests are consistently often forgotten or lost and the team struggles to prioritize work
  • We have a reactive approach to maintenance. We fix things after they break, causing unplanned downtime
  • We have no insight into our asset life cycle or work order history
  • Our maintenance backlog is filled with overdue requests

OK, I'm interested, Where do I start?

Whether you’re switching from another CMMS or using one for the first time, we take care of the data import process from start to finish.

1. Book a
kick-off call with us

Book Call | Asset Maintenance Management Software

Together, we’ll set expectations for the project plan, timelines, deliverables and business requirements.

2. Data import consultaiton


Input your data into the Excel templates we’ve provided, then a software specialist will determine the best method for data transfer and import

3. Review your data


If you notice errors or need to make changes to your data, we’ll take care of them for you.

4. Training & additional consultation

4. Training & consultation


We’ll train your team for three days using a custom agenda according to user roles such as maintenance admin, planner, etc.

5. GO


You’re ready to go! The sky’s the limit.

You're ready to go! The sky's the limit Need more info? Watch a demo Ready to try? Get your free trial!


“The positive impact MicroMain’s CMMS has had on our productivity and efficiency is tremendous. Having reviewed other maintenance software programs, I found the MicroMain products to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly products available.”


“MicroMain’s software is so easy to use. I was able to understand the system almost instantly. Projects that used to take hours to do are now done in minutes”.


We had a different CMMS, but it was too complicated and not geared to our facility. We really liked MicroMain because of its modules, reporting, understandable terminology, properties organization, work order templates and inspection tasking.