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The CMMS Software Hunt

Searching for the right software for your company can be quite the task. Many important questions need to be answered before making a purchase. Reviewing the pricing, features, and customer reviews is crucial in the software research process.

Capterra is an online software directory and a reliable resource for business software buyers. To aid buyers in their search for a maintenance management software, Capterra did a little research of their own.

Capterra states, “With budget cuts and a tight economy looming, no business can afford to lose a functioning building and their working equipment.” Which is why so many are searching for the perfect CMMS software.

A popularity index is used to measure maintenance management software based on the number of customers, number of users, and social presence of each company. Capterra ranks MicroMain high in their Top 20 Most Popular Maintenance Management Software Solutions list, which is a helpful guide for someone interested in purchasing a CMMS.

Like all other software products, there are many CMMS solutions from which to choose. But, it is important to choose the software that will ultimately enhance facilities and operations specific to your company.


Capterra, Inc.



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